Why am i so discontent with my life?

for some reason i am just very discontent with my current situation in life, what i used to find enjoyable simply isnt enough anymore. no matter what i am doing i feel like i should be making and doing more in life.

i desire to have to overcome something, to have a quest to give my life some sort of meaning. i realize that isnt the real world but for some reason i feel imprisoned by my human body.

Well maybe you're just insatiable with your current lifestyle. You might be going through a phase. Maybe you experienced something and from that your mind is telling you to do more for yourself. But without a doubt, you feel like you have to find your purpose in life and I don't know if I'm right, but it seems like your in your teens? (Add detail). If you are then you've got plenty of time to find purpose in life.
Get some cognative behavioural therapy to find out what is troubling you.
many share your feeling - people are under a lot of stress and would rather talk on a cell phone then to people they are with.

we live in a world full of distractions - whats that about?
My dear friend, to question oneself is always good cause then you can really know what is inside you.
Once you know what is bothering you, you just have to spill it out and begin a new life.
Be happy and everything will be colorful.
No, it is normal to want to find meaning. Wanting to have a quest is normal. What if we had no quests? We should indeed feel unfufilled. So what you do now, is learn a new skill. This therapy is called "mastery". Learn to do something. Another thing is, spirituality can give you that. That is why it is so popular in our human culture. If you don't know or want to commit to any sort of belief, go to a Unitarian Universalist church. there is no belief creed. Pagans, christians, even agnostics go. Their motto is "together, we search for truth and meaning".
I used to feel like that all the time. For starters try joining a charitable organization for meaning in your life... it will make you feel good about yourself knowing your helping/changing others lives. Also, try joining a new activity to put something new into your life...whether its a sporting activitity or creative arts...it will add more enjoyment doing something you've never done before.
We become discontent when we dont appreciate the things we have. We are told we should strive for happiness but this brings discontentment as no one is happy all the time. How you feel is really up to you!! If you're not living in Baghdad or Somalia you can at least be content with your situation.
During the World war #2 nobody in prison camps had this feeling.They were not overweight,they were not down. Their only thought was ,when I get out of here I....
Think about this for a while.
Otherwise do some volunteer work.
I don't mean to come off as harsh but if you're a procrastinator who sits on their *** and does nothing of significance save for out of necessity then you should feel that way. Otherwise it is time to find purpose. I imagine you have a 9 to 5 that pays the bills. You may or may not have a significant other that you do activities with. Other than that, life has gotten to be a rigamarole starting from when you wake up to when you lie down. Have you ever at work stopped what you were doing and asked yourself why are you doing this? That's probably not the thing you imagined yourself doing but you do have this daily habit of eating you have to support. Why don't you start taking steps toward doing that thing you want to do. Some people have a habit of jumping head first into it, and that's when they fall on their butt. Progress into it and before you know it, your life will have meaning.
Yeah also in the old days there really wasnt that much to do for instance just think they never had computers or internet or even tv (depending on how far back you think) ahh my point is these days there is too many choices of what to do and what will actually make us have fulfilling lives.

That alone is enough to stress and in some cases depress you lol.

ahh im babbling ill be quiet lol

ps. My wife is exactly the same and only differs in the way that she must have something to look forward to or she gets depressed. Have you tried seeing ur gp and asking him the same questions just even so that depression if not the cause can be ruled out.

There is tons of medication for depression nowa days and im sure ur doc will be happy to help if that is the case.

Hope this helps

if not then sorry to waste ur time :( but i tried :)

Rezzy :D

PPS Wish you the best of luck in finding what makes you truly happy inside.
I`ve felt the same way in the past, get on a plane and go somewhere sunny. But beware, you can runaway but you can`t runaway from yourself.
The very best of luck.
wooo, This is kinda where I'm at , In this time of my life....And giving this alot of considerable thought;... The way I'm goin' about this, is trying to take things moment to moment.
(yes , that little sayin' really never meant much to me.) However, it's startin' to take on new meaning .you must find a small 'goal'. then workin' yourself up for an other slightly higher one .. I know , I know.
that's the hardest part .. well that and stickin with that goal... So far it's workin' for me , still pretty slow in the manefesstion (ie) reaching the goal.that I've set..
BUT ,! you said that you have a desire, you desire. And that suggest,, a healthy mental additude! I had no desire.
Sorry if not much help...
Change will come, You can count on that !!
you don't like where your at ... Change it.
Sounds like depression to me, but I'm no doctor. If you did in fact have a doctor you were talking to or wanted to go see a doctor you would ask them this question instead of us FunQA.comers. So you ask why you are discontent with your life? My opinion is that opinions change, likes and dislikes change, just like the song you play over and over again until it is at the top of your 25 most played list. Eventually it gets old and you find a new song to listen to. Maybe you need a new song.

Maybe being discontent is a good thing. If you were content with every aspect of your life you wouldn't search for something more fulfilling- something that is bound to be out there.

If you really want to do something or overcome your discontent you can't sit around and wish you had something to do- you actually have to make something happen you just can't ponder it and become a philosophical do-nothing because you'll wake up one day and say "Wow I'm 50 and I've done absolutely nothing with my life!" Help out at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen. Helping others is a way to bring that fulfilment that seems to be lacking in your life.

Hope this helps
have a positive attitude of life and avoid the negative thinking

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