Is there another you in the world? Reincarnattion??

Is there a possibility of an alternate parallel life out there??
Second Question, it possible?

I beleive its possible. Did you know that it is a scientific fact that atoms are popping in and out of existance all the time? It has baffled scientists for a long time, because they don't know where they go. Perhaps to another plane in another parallel life?And the atoms from that universe are popping in and out of existance as well, sometimes ending up in our universe? If atoms exist within everything, then the ones inside of us must do this as well. It's a weird thought. It is part of quantum physics. No one knows the answer, though. Quantum physics deals with science of the unknown. It tries to figure out why these strange occurences happen. There are no facts, only possibilities. Check out a movie called "What the (Bleep) Do We Know?" It talks about these things, and really makes you see a whole new world of possibilities that we never knew existed. As for reincarnation, I am not a religious person. I beleive that God is the life force that is inside of all of us, the energy that exists in every living creature. And I beleive that this life force cannot be destroyed. When the physical body dies, the energy will continue to exist within another form. So in a way, yes I beleive reincarnation is possible. I beleive the energy inside of us cannot die, so therefore it must go to another source when it leaves one source. Kind of like when a light bulb burns out.. The energy has not ceased to exist, even though it is no longer in the physical form of the light bulb any longer. It has gone back to the source of where it came. And as soon as you screw in a new lightbulb, it will take on the form and functions of that light bulb.
I hope not, and no!
OH MY GOD! Another layabout like moi? you've just given me a horrible thought. Guess I'II have another until it passes.
I totally believe it so...

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