How can i overcome stage fright?

and anxiety when i participate at my class

I myself struggled with stage fright, something that nobody would have guessed because I felt so comfortable and outgoing with only a few people around.

It was hard for me to get over it, and I actually performed a song on stage about 20 or 30 times while terrified of what everyone was thinking about me.

But, it wasn't pure experience or practice that got me through it... I actually went and saw another performance and saw a girl who wasn't that great, talent-wise, but was so completely confident in herself, that I didn't even care if she sang flat or missed a few notes.

Seeing her confidence inspired me to be confident in myself. I tricked myself out of my stage fright... I convinced myself that I was the most amazing thing that ever graced the stage, and I let myself loose, even though I knew that I wasn't going to be perfect.

Accepting imperfection is where it's at. Knowing that there will be people who won't laugh, that you'll make a mistake, that you could do better. thinking about and accepting all these things, and then acting as if you couldn't possibly make a mistake, will get you past it. If you can arrogantly believe that you're perfect while simultaneously knowing that you're not, you can trick yourself past the fright :)
I trick I learned when i was dancing , When your on stage , Find someone in the front row , an look right above there eyebrows. It looks as though you are looking them Dead in the eyes. It gives you a spot to Focus on , so you can tune out the rest of the people in the audience.
You just have to go up there and do it and get it over with.

I was in a Second City ensamble and never thought I would be nervous untill I stepped on the stage in front of all those people... I was to play the host our first time out there and I literally froze for a few seconds starring into a camcorder in the crowd.

The girl next to me nudged me, I snapped out of it and started the introductions, by the time we did our first skit I forgot about the audience after I found they were having as much fun as we were.
stage fright ussualy comes from fear of messing up because you are afraid if you mess up everyone will see it. All you need to realise is ther more you worry the more scared you will get. you juist need to go out and do it. filter out the audience. pretend it's just you and whoever else you need.

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