Why do i feel the need to push myself so hard?.And how many out there find themselves doing the same?

Good for you, pushing yourself is a powerful tool, don't feel bad about it. You are a leader. Probably very successful in all you set out to do.
I constantly push myself and tend to get frustrated with those that don't.
you might be type A personality a go getter.relax and enjoy time off with family and friends which is what counts alot more..
You are your harshest critic, I am mine also. You hear people tell you not to worry, and you do, so do I. Its the way you are. Me, I grew up alone and now I am this way. Its good because if you are satisfied, you know that others will be to. The problem with us is that were never satisfied. It sucks, doesn't it!
You gotta just relax, if you work harder then only your boss will take credit for it. Sit back smoke if you want and just let time and life flow around you. Time will go by really, really, really, slow. "Don't live the boss' dream, man. They'll suck you dry if you let em!" (From the Jane's Addiction song "Whores").
i find myself doing the same...

i realy want to punch you hard.
I think that it is a good quality to be dilligent. Most people don't even bother getting off their butts to do much of anything these days so it takes that overzealous attitude to make it big in the world. As long as you don't neglect your physical needs and make sure to take some time to rest every now and then and also keep your spiritual needs in check, I believe that hard work is good for you.

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