Why do overthink everything? How can i stop?

Every little thing that happens to me, I "process" to find its "real" and "potential" meaning. For example, when someone says i'm a nice person, i'll accept the compliment and say thanks or whatever, but later on its the only thing i'm thinking about, trying to figure out if the person was being sarcastic or if it was some inside joke between them and friends to say im nice, when they really think i'm not. And don't let it be a boy. ANYboy...cute or not.. says something nice about me and i automatically assume he either likes me or feels sorry for me. I've tried relaxing...it actually makes it worse..., and I've tried thinking about other things but it doesn't work for long. Obviously, overthinking things makes my life aLOT harder than it needs to be so I'd appreciate any help i can get. Thanks:)

Interesting question. I've actually asked myself this question before. Here is my conclusion:

Maybe it's insecurity that prompts you to question or doubt the sincerity of a person complimenting you. There is no such thing as overthinking. You're worrying about overthinking. There is no such thing as overthingking. Over-worrying is your concern. Obsessively thinking about the negative is something people do when there are issues they face in life.

It's best to change the way you're thinking, lol. If you think about the fact that you're overthinking about certain things, it can become an obsessive cycle of thinking that maybe you need to "stop" from "over" thinking. Changing your perspective will help. There's no need to worry. Thinking a lot on a regular basis is natural, lol. Change the way you're thinking. Just condition yourself to think differently, that's all.

I wouldn't be too quick to assume you have a type of anxiety disorder. Although this is possible, there are other factors that can contribute to the way you think, such as your environment or the way you've been conditioned to think. (Whether this is influenced by those you know/encounter on a daily basis or it's your self-conditioning). Express your feelings with someone you trust, analyze the things at the root of your concerns.

In fact, it might even be to your advantage to directly inquire. The next time someone gives you a compliment, ask them why they gave you the compliment. What quality is it about you that they felt they should compliment? People usually compliment an individual when they TRULY admire a quality possessed by them.

It seems to me you just have a little bit of insecurity when it comes to boys, whether they're attractive or "so-so" looking. Just be direct with the people who compliment you so you can know exactly what's going on in their minds.

OR, maybe you're NOT insecure AT ALL and just need a few pointers on how to take compliments in certain social circles.
(This sounds better.)

That's the best solution.
This sounds like anxiety. A physician may help you zone in on the causes.
It is your habit of how you make your life more controlable. Sometimes you ave to intentionally and deliberatly tell youself to "stop" It takes awhile to get to habits of how you cope.
Sounds like a form of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I definitely would not recommend going to a physician as someone else indicated. They will simply prescribe you Prozac or something similar and you will then have a life long dependency on a drug that does more harm than good.

My recommendation is to seek out a therapist that can specialize in biofeedback. Biofeedback is a technique used to help you control your anxiety. You can learn more about it at the link below. Anxiety disorders aren't really "treatable" per say, but you can learn to live with and lessen the anxiety to a great deal.
Think over on over think many times a day! In each of the over think, please take a paper out and write each of the point of extension in your thinking. Try to see a reason as associated with that particular extension of that point made out by over think. You need to strike out that point in the sheet if you are convinced it has no relevance to the issue! In each occasion you need to repeat this exercise to develop your mind control for the mindsetting to ignore repeat thinking , which may probably improve and change you the way you want to change yourselves!
I agree with what GiGi posted.

If you accept yourself as you are then you will feel more relaxed.

You may be over thinking, but the reality is that people do say things indirectly at times, and they may not cop to their real meaning, but if you really just act as yourself and if you doubt someone's compliment have the presence of mind to say 'what do you mean by that' eventually it will work out through an honest interaction.

Also, you can't worry too much about what others think of you, there's often no real way of "figuring it out" you have to trust your own perceptions. I don't think you need a shrink.

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