Are you psychic? Answer this and find out.?

Do this and see if you are psychic:

What is my FAVORITE tv show on ABC?
What state am I flying to tomorrow?
What color is my hair?
What am I holding in my right hand right now?

Thanks, closest answer will be best answer! this should be fun!

lol, I'm not psychic but I'll still play along.

I don't know what shows are on which network.. woops

You aren't! You may think you are.. and may have plans to.. but the flight is not going to happen!

You seem like a brunette to me.. maybe with a tinge of red

what are you holding? while you were typing? either the keyboard or the mouse :P
after that.. I'm going with a coffee cup.. and green tea in it.
I knew you were going to ask those questions.
Ugly Betty
Ash blonde
a lemon
Your favorite show is 24
You are flying to Florida tomorrow
You hair is brown
You are holding a soda in your right hand
I have all the correct answers but as you know there is a service fee involved for Fortune Telling. Will that be Cash, Check or Credit Card? I knew you'd say that...
a piece of cheese
I am soo Psychic:

Greys Anatomy
Cell Phone
Your favorite show is Dora the Explorer.
Your plane will not reach its destinaton because it will crash fifteen minutes after takeoff due an electrical malfunction.
Your hair is dyed.
The mouse is in your right hand.
a CD
*the bachelor: officer & a gentleman??(never seen it or other shows on abc but thats my guess)

* you arent flying (my guess is either the flight will be cancelled or you are not really flying and you want to throw us off--trick question)


*can of soda
two and a half men



comupter mouse
I'll bite.
1. Lost (is that ABC?) Just popped in my head.
2. California
3. Blond
4. A pencil

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