Mind Over Matter, it really works?

I don't know what came over me, I decided on a whim to try mind over matter. I held the palm of my hand over a burning candle whilst concentrating about how much it would not hurt. I was able to hold it there for 3 minutes, aside from a little soot I had no burn or pain. Why? Until I did I did this I thought it would really hurt and burn. Anyone elso done something similar?

to a certain extend mind over matter works, but would't try something as silly as that, i hope no one else tries this,
A&E's all across the country will be busy tonight thanks to that little comment..
I used to live at the top of a very big hill in Portugal.Everyday , Id cycle down in the evening for work . I would go fast , as at the bottom of the hill was a roundabout with good visibility for oncoming cars .One day , I thought "oh no , I'm going too fast", and laughed out loud.I then hit the roundabout, slipped my front wheel,basically nosedived and skidded for about 30mtrs,wearing only shorts and a Tshirt.And miraculously survived without a single scratch.
And I believe, if I hadn't laughed in the face of danger , I would have come off much worse.
I'm sorry but you have to be very silly to try that, I don't think it works and is not good to say it does when kids could try it thinking it's fun!
you are not the only to have tested or attempted with things such as that. and as if that were not enough there are quite a large number of documented cases showing there is something to it. however the same can be said against it. I am picking my words carefully as many have issues with even the concept of what you are directly refering to and the associated (deserving or not) concepts.

If this is a subject you really find so fascinating as to chase - I would advise seekiing like minded forums and perhaps friends - to save getting a lot of unpleasent remarks. Often due to to the ideas following lines of thought like; fire burns, therefore it will damage you, a perfectly reasonable line of thought, no?

there is more to this world than our philosophies generally allow. take care of yourself.
its the same principle of hot coal walks and meditaion when monks can with stand very low temperatuires with little clothing
its all in the mind

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