Do you really feel the cards are stacked against you?

If so, is it your fault or not?
How much responsibility are you willing to take if any?

.....There are no cards to be stacked up against me or anybody else. We make choices and our actions have consequences. We are not the center of the universe. The larger world is indifferent to our goals and desires. If we want something, we have to make it happen. We will be challenged along the way, sometimes severely, but we can choose to be strong and continue striving.

I have a lot going for me, and I can improve on those resources, if I choose to do so - knowledge skills, experience, character traits, attitudes, values, motivation, goals, plans. Every person should assess what they have going for them, rely on those strengths and work hard to get what they want. The wonderful thing is, in the country I live in (USA), this actually works.
My life is a continous game of fifty-two card pickup. And I'm the guy that dropped the deck.
nope, I'm an optimistic realist. I don't believe the cards are stacked at all.. but I know the rules of the game and think every hand has the potential to be a good one :)
No...we just go through good stuff,bad stuff,.,that's life.
No, I take responsibility for my life, good and bad. When things go wrong and I am hurt or down it's still all up to me to make it right. I wish I was better at it.
IT's all my fault! If I have the cards why not build a house with them?
sure do
I don't know. I take full responsibility for my adult life!!
My childhood wasn't my fault, but I know I WANT A NEW HAND!!!

I need a car so I can get out of this house, grrrrr!!! but if I wanna look on the bright side I guess at least I have one but my husband works, which is good, but I wanna work too, and I have no way to. I live in the country so it's not like I could get a bus ride!!

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