i woke up the other night to find my roommate on top of me, having sex with me. as soon as this happened, i asked him what he was doing, he got off of me, i started crying, he left, i called my friend, she came and got me, and i called the police. he's in jail now, and apparently he's done this before (to one of my friends, she now feels like she needs to say something that i have). we were drinking when this happened and he said that i called him into my room and we started "making out" and then he said i all of a sudden freaked out. we were drinking prior to this happening, but i know that that's not what happened. especially just waking up to it. but anways, my question is why do i feel just kinda... blah about the situation? why don't i feel more about it? is this wrong? is it just how i'm handling this? what's wrong with me?

there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to feel about this situation. you'r probably in shock about it. hard for you to believe someone you trusted would do this. you are right for feeling this way.

keep your friends close to you. surround yourself ONLY with people who are supportive of you. yes, this is RAPE. regardless of whether you sad "ok" when you were drunk, by definition, that is RAPE. a woman can not legally consent to sex with she is intoxicated & it's pretty clear that's not what happened anyway.

dont feel the need to defend your feelings to people. there is nothing wrong with you... it's the b@ast@rd that did this to you that has something wrong with HIM. dont let this rape ruin you'r self-image, DONT GIVE HIM THE POWER over how you feel about yourself.

if this doesnt go away soon, or if your feelings get worse, seek counseling SOONER rather than later. there is better outcome for girls who get treatment sooner to the rape than who wait & let it eat at them.

when i was a teenager, i had a boyfriend who used to force himself on me. i did noting about it, never told anyone. just took it. i wish i would've had your courage. be PROUD OF YOURSELF. you may have stopped this from happening to a lot of girls.
thats normal.
trust me there is nothing wrong with you. this is probably just the way that you are dealing with the situation. especially since he is in jail and can't do this to anyone else the you have reason to celebrate. what u did was very brave and a lot of women don't even report a rape for fear of no one believing them. anyway you have good reason to be very proud and happy and you can move on with your life with your head up high!
OK...so this guy just took advantage of you. You should feel NOTHING towards this person. Hope he rots in jail, if you dont consent, he has no right to do that to you. You handled it perfectly by calling the police. Just dont blame yourself! Thats all you need to know, if that you did the right thing.
There is nothing wrong with you, our brains have a self defense mechanism built into them to block things that hurt us until we are strong enough to deal with them.

Your memories will return and your anger will kick in when your brain thinks your strong enough to deal with it.

Just make sure you lock that man up for a very long time. He can't keep doing that like he has been. You need to get your friend to also speak up to make sure the judge sees that it's a pattern with him and not just one incidence.

That's how some men get away with it, woman just drop it when they shouldn't, if you and your friend don't stop him now while you can, he will continue to do it and it may become more violent next time.
Don't have a male roommate unless he's gay. There's nothing wrong with you. Get tested to see if he put anything in your drink.

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