"Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is a much higher and truer courage" plz explain

Physical courage, which despises all danger, will make a man brave in one way; and moral courage, which despises all opinion, will make a man brave in another, wrote Charles Caleb Colton. According to Rollo May moral courage is, as a rule, born out of empathetic compassion for those who suffer, it means "identification through one's own sensitivity with the suffering of one's fellow human beings." In other words, in moral courage we put ourselves into other person's shoes, we feel her or his suffering.

If I understand your question fully, the difference between the two goes far beyond a simple empathic connection with someone or the ability to protect one’s self. Here are my thoughts on both forms of courage:

Physical Bravery: This is a form of courage that allows a person to stand against a physical foe and to ignore the threat of death or injury for a much larger cause. Examples would be to investigate that strange sound in your basement, or fight a man who is trying to hurt a loved one. This form of bravery will change a helpless and cornered person into a force to be reckoned with…someone who will not lie down and pray for salvation from what is attacking. This, outside of popular belief, is not easy. Not many would fight against an armed man, or brave their fears to ensure peace. When others are at risk…this person will stand up, and fight for what is right…if it be by pen or sword.

Moral Bravery: Though physical bravery is hard to find...moral bravery is many times harder to locate. It is certainly one thing to stand against a man striving to hurt your family…but to stand against your peers or boss because they are bending your core values? That takes strength much more powerful then any could begin to imagine. How many people can truly stand up for what they believe in and stay true to their cause even if society shuns them? How many people could go against their friends and do the right thing? Moral Bravery isn’t about an empathic connection to others…the main strength of it starts with you. Are you comfortable with who you are? Do you have a powerful set of values in place to draw your morals from? And finally…do you have faith in your own self to walk your own path? Moral Bravery is a rare gift, but for those of us willing to walk the trail less traveled…the ultimate reward is much more satisfying then following in other’s mistakes.

To answer your question: Physical Bravery is an animal instinct because all creatures possess this ability. It is hard wired in all of our brains, and though some will freeze in terrifying situations…there will ALWAYS be something that will trigger this response: A mother protecting her children, a husband protecting his wife, a pirate protecting their treasure…and so on.

But Moral Bravery…that is a gift in which only humans are known to possess. And among humans, it is a rare gift to hold. The ability to shun others who attempt to force you away from your proper path is much more powerful then wrestling a bear or having superpowers. And if a person can truly be who they are…rather then who everyone wants them to be, then they are indeed amazing.
In today's society especially..it's easy to lie, cheat and steal. To not give into social pressure, to be an individual with good morals, is especially difficult.
You pretty much explained it in your own question. It's easy to be pumped up with muscle, to be physically brave and courageous.
But to stand your ground and state what you believe in,( someone offering you a joint and you turning it down because you know it isn't right for you) to have sympathy for others in their ventures( to go up and hug that person standing their being made fun of by your friends, or to tell the friends to stop)
is moral courage.
It's much harder to be an individual than to follow the crowd. It's difficult to stand alone and defend your beliefs and those who are being treated unfairly.
That is moral courage, and I for one agree with Cotton.
Since morality is relative and temporary, it doesn't hold any absolute truths; therefore, moral bravery does not exist except to those that think they have it. Those that think they have it have serious ego problems.

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