What is your biggest pet hate and i mean your all time most hated thing?

my ex-husband
people like you who think they are psychologists and the losers below me answering this question
people getting uptight when i try to touch them in the street lol
People who cough up phlem and spit it out in public - Yuk!
people who chew with their mouth open.
when people don't speak properly and in particular when they say "of" instead of "have" AAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGH
People who are too worried about everyone else.
I dont think I can think of one particular pet hate that stands out above the rest. some of them are

spitting in the street
Aggressive drivers
bad manners
I feel physically sick when I hear or see bullies in action.

It actually makes me feel ill I want to hurt them so much!

Racists are the worst of them.
Snorers or heavy breathers...I could seriously commit murder it winds me up so much.
I think that if I was a spy and someone wanted to know secrets, all they would have to do is tie me up and leave me in a room with a snorer for 5 minutes...I'd confess everything to get out!
1) People who TALK non-stop about what they are, what they are doing, who they are, etc...but NEVER actually do those things.
The crazy thing is, these are the most popular at school, work, anywhere. But, if you really listen to them, they are all talk. Just full of it.

2) People who don't say thank you.
While ppl explain something to you and state the obvious then repeat themselfs,speak to you as if you are thick,use words out of context at the same time,whilst using silly phrases like "at the end of the day","basically","In other words". and there is more im sure
phleming noises and generally any nasal noises.yuk. especially in closed spaces like a lift. eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
Injustice both from bad things happennig and nothing happeneing to stop it
people who talk to you with their eyes closed... It's so ignorant and people who think it's funny to fart in company.
People who won't or don't take responsibility for their own actions. Particularly those spooky types who rewrite their own histories and believe it themselves - steer clear of them.
People who use the bathroom and don't wash there hands afterwards. I sit there cringing as they touch stuff erk !
untamed eyebrows and those awful one sleeved tops.Why oh why!
Bad manners (not the band), there's nothing wrong with saying please and thank you.
I have an inability to hate anything at all, but i am irritated by people who can't be grateful for what they have or can't say exactly what they're thinking and just tell everyone else until it finally reaches you.honesty is the best policy ^_^
Condescending people and rude,nasty,insulting people.Drives me madd so it does
I would possibly get banned for stating my pet hate which is women drivers who haven't a clue, whilst most women possess a competent level of driving skill, a small majority of them haven't and really do take the *iss.

That is all I will say on the matter.
There are a number of things that I really hate but here are a few of them: Two - faced people, people who try and make out they're something that they are not and hypocrites.x
People who lie - epecially those that lie to you straight in the face.
the biggest of them all
finding an unidentified object in food.
then the worst scenarios start crossing my mind.
Yucky !
i can't stand lulu.
Its got to be people who talk about themselves all the time and when you get a chance to say something they don't listen!! Argh!

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