Would you accept $2 Million if you knew you would die in 2 years?

Kinda like a deal with the devil or something, would you accept two million dollars if it was cursed and you knew you would die within two years?

Make that three years and you've got a deal.
No...money is much overrated nowadays...I think...
agree. that's not very much money.

and, no, i wouldn't do it if it were more. life is not wonderful just because you're wealthy.
If I was not dieing from some sickness or new my death was comming no. If it was planned that in order to recieve the 2 mill you would have to die heck no!! But if i was dieing then yeah bc i would give it to my family! And have a awesome 2 years of my life
Of course not! Each day is so very precious.
no...knowing me i would spend all the money before the two years was up anyway so i would have died an idiot...who wants to die an idiot?
yes. Absolutely.
no. there's much more you can do in a lifetime than 2 million bucks can give you in 2 years.
No,life is worth nothing,its what we do to what it leads us to after life and judgement!

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