Just wondering, how many in quantity of these pills would it take to commit suicide?

BTW: I'm NOT suicial. I just wondering.
1. aspirin
2 .motrin
3. sleeping pills
4. vailum
5. prozac

and for a male who weighs approx. 130lbs., 5'8" 19yrs., how many glasses 8oz. of vodka does it take to die of alcohol poisoning??

You say you're not suicidal, but I can't help wondering why you would ask such a question? You don't have anything to explain, or prove to us. I believe I've said on MANY questions here, that I don't make judgments about suicide, (although many do). I'd only say that there is really no way of knowing, & I've seen some horrid results when an attempt wasn't successful. At least 95% of the time, people who are seriously considering suicide never even speak of it, or leave a note or anything. I've found it regretful that people talk about how awful it is to leave one's family behind to suffer, or how it's in some way an act of revenge, or cowardice. How audacious to make assumptions. I digress! If anyone here (or anywhere) tells you precisely what to do, (or your "friend, or whatever), be very suspect. I've seen enough of this to know...
save on pills , gassing yourself is better , all fresh ready to be taken away
I dunno about the pills,..the general answer would be LOTS.

About alcohol, all depends not only on your weight or age, but the specific natural resistance of your body to alcohol. Two persons of same age and weight will have different resistance to it. Also matters in what conditions is your body...
I would go with the sleeping pills.. probably 20? I have about 100 xanax waiting for when I need them... I would, of course, take them with a SHIIT load of booze...

Good luck, I hope it is peaceful. (can I have your stuff?)
why the heck would u wanna know..
Asking your doctor will get you the correct answer. I don't think you can die from aspirin or Motrin. Anyone that is thinking of suicide is permanently solving a temporary problem. I wonder how many people who have done this would be so grateful to have a second chance and not do it.
I'm not sure and don't think I would want to know. People that takes their lives leave this world and their families have to stay and try to go on with their lives. I don't believe there could be anything in this world worth killing yourself for, they need to reach out and ask for help. I know you say your mot suicidal but makes me wonder why you would even ask the question. If you or say a friend needs to talk reach out.
Each person's system is a little different, so even knowing your weight would not guarantee a sure overdose. You could just end up brain-dead.
why the he** do u wanna know? what use of this knowledge can possibly be the outcome of this?
Sorry I think this is information that you don't need to know about. If this information is not for you to try and do anything, then you must be getting it for someone else. Why is it so important for you to know this?
You sound as though you are writing a report on suicide, you can probably find this information on a web site somewhere.
The poor people reading your questions probably think you are contemplating suicide and won't give you the information you are seeking. I won't either, I was just making an observation.
Why don't you simply get a shotgun and do it right?

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