How to llive life?

i lost my interest in life,everything seems to me known or boring ,i dont want to try things, not even i am struck to one particular thing or interest,not even i want to end my life's journey,and don't feel like to move on.what should i do.. i have no interest in relationships,love, hatered,power,money,nothing, and i know its not good but i am helpless,so try to help me....

The only person that can get you out of this predicament is yourself. Are you willing to help yourself?... Because nobody else can help you. Start by watching a few motivational movies, such as the Rocky series. Then get yourself into a library or bookstore and start reading some self-help books and/or biographies of famous people.

Trust me. I've been where you are right now, and I know it seems like there's no more fire in you. It seems like you are out of gas. But, you know what? There's still a lot of gas in you. You just dont' know it, but the gas is filling up more and more everyday, and all you need is a spark to ignite that fire. And once when that fire is ignited, there is no stopping in what you can do for (yourself and) the world.
breath only till anything arrives.
you are suffering from severe clinical depression. there are many differend meds out there that can help you tremendously. you can just make an appt with your family dr and he/she should be able to prescribe the right one for you. nothing wrong with it either, you would be surprised at the number of people that need this to function on a daily basis.
I don't think I'm the one to help you, except to suggest that you find a good counselor. Everyone gets down sometimes, and you aren't crazy for getting help. It's like the song, "We all need somebody to lean on." You just might have a problem that someone else, a professional someone else, will understand and help you work through it so you can live life to the fullest.
I've been there! The answer? Join a gym, start working out, you will feel better. Do some Cardio. Run and get your heart pumping.

You might want to see a doctor and get some anti-depressants.

Give yourself a goal... and work towards it.
Try to be happy as much as possible. Happiness is a key to a healthy and prosperous life.
Try getting into religous activities/religous groups. Do something worthy spending of time. Just keep trying of doing something you need to do, try it, just like we're trying to do here, we are trying to help you so try to help yourself. Try doing what others do to you =))
Live life to the fullest.
LOVE yourself
keep your head free

BTW (by the way) - how about sex? Does it also leave you emotionally unattached?
Do you have enough (sex)?

Do you have enough money? If yes, you can share some e.g. with me...

Can you share? Are you capable of sharing?
Not only money, knowledge, experience, anything else?

Where this state you're currently in comes from?

Did you try separate yourself from you body, step aside and take a look on your body from a side? What is it doing? How does it look like? Do you like it?

Our life is just a game and you can play this game in many different ways either with ease and joyness or with great obstacles, difficulties und hurdles...
It's totally up to your which way (type of game i.e. life) will you choose and how you're going to live your life.

Take a pick... :)

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