Why do some pople like to get some crack...? Is it very important to them.?

yes cos when you dont have much at least you can get high
Why people do it the first time is probably because of peer pressure and depression. After that, the person is addicted and must continue to use it. The same is true of meth, but they may, possibly, not be addicted by the first use. But some do report they are addicted from the first use.
Same reason so many people use any kind of narcotic or alcohol, recreational or dependently except crack is a lot more addictive than alcohol... in most people.
I dont know but my fiance have a habit and I wonder why he likes it and what is the purpose but he acts like it is nothing and he can stop any time but he is 39 and been smoking every since he was in his early 20's.
it s a physical addiction as well as a psychological one-------
basically thier body and mind need it after only one hit....

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