A true story of a visit to a psychologist.?

I had a court case where I had to see a psychologist for a mental health evaluation. So, I see this doctor and he says some positive things about me but also says I am "intolerant of society, narcisstic, and very hostile". Basically I had been royally screwed over in a work environment, and wanted to **** some people up so I sued them (and won). Anyway, this "doctor" tries to rip me off, and so I go over to his office and rage at him and I call him a gold digger (this jerk had the gall to try to overcharge me; I was going to sue him next!), then he admits fault and lowers the fee. This doctor is a little effete snob who is in love with his emotions ("How do you feel?" Like beating your hypocritical *** senseless, doctor contract breaker!).

Why do soft, "agreeable" people claim to be "good", and then persecute people like myself who are more bold and say things how they are? Am I wrong for being direct with these people? Any idea why I attract these types?

when psychologist present like that...look out they are master manipulators...i should know...i work with the lot and have my degree except i choose to practice in child welfare...there is a reason...i just cant be that fake all the time...you are not wrong for being direct...just watch the aggressiveness...i am like that with other professionals as well when they screw my clients...only i take the client with me and am direct with them present...so they can see that you can confront professionals without the aggressiveness and still get things done properly...
as far as why you attract these types...it is because they are all over the place and you don't have a choice...
Service charge.

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