SEX! SEX! The SECOND MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION I can ask you or you can ask someone Else!?

This question is being asked pursuant to the fact that OUR SEXUALITY is the Essence of Our Being. For all Future intents or relevant purposes; I will know WHO you are and WHAT you are depending how you respond to my question! First follow these instructions; Raise your Right Hand and repeat after me, "I, ("state your name") swear (or affirm) that I will answer truthfully so help me God!" QUESTION: In the past 36 Months HOW MANY TIMES? and with HOW MANY DIFFERENT people? have you had sexual relations with?

One person. About 200 times. (When you're married, once or twice a week is usual.)
six times this week with my long time boyfriend (13years). He's insatiable. Coitus however doesn't have anything to do with my sexuality or his.
The last 3 years:

-3 guys
-I don't know how many times....I am just going to say I had sex at least 5 times per month.. so my estimation is at least 180-200 times. I only had sexual relations with two of those guys a few times. I have had a long-term boyfriend for 2.5 years.
About 360 times approx., which is about 10 times a month but not regularly. 4 guys. Please email me my analysis...
4 people. 20 times.

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