Is it wrong to want to touch my friends natural DDD breast?

I'm not attracted to her in any way its just when i see her thats all i can think about, is this wrong?

To NOT want to play with them would be unnatural!!
boy thats a tough one...... uh, ... er........ uh... is it wrong?
ask her if you can ... if shes a good friend she will let you... let her know its not cuz you like her like that tho
no its natural with every heterosexual man its just how it is
Not really. It's kind of a instictive behavior most humans carry over from their childhood (veeeerrrry early in their childhood)

It's just that some get over it, some can control themselves, and some just can't do either. So if your one of the latter, you can just subtly cop a feel or tell your friend that your not attracted to her but her boobs make you go crazy... maybe she'll let you be her friend-with-benefits ^.^
Explain to her how you feel and that you don't fancy her just her titties she may let you have a fumble to get it out of your head or she may just slap you lol :)
Morally, yes. Instinctively no.

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