Subliminal messages?

dont understand them lol

like in videos, how can they put an image in there so fast that your mind doesnt see it but you can only see it when u rewind it?

adn in audio like music, how can they insert a message and then you not being able to hear it untill u play it backwards?? like wouldnt you be able to hear the giberish of something backwards?

and how can they make you gain information?

in SIMPLE terms please! [meaning dont use the word 'backmasking' because i dont understand it lol unless u want to explain it]


Click on the link. It contains a detailed description of how the technique developed and is used today.
If they put one frame in a movie, you can't see the one frame, but they claim your brain registers it. This might have some merit.

In music, they don't put subliminal messages backwards. They mask it in certain frequencies you can't hear. I seriously question the effectiveness of this technique.
Well you have a concios mind wich is in controll of you when you are awake, and a subconcious mind when your asleep. you have little controll over you subconcious memory it controls breathing and heartbeats and stuff like that. When you see a sybliminol message it goes so fast that your concious mind completly skips over it but your subconious mind picks it up and stors it in your memory. Then later in the day you are remindid of this sybliminol message in the back of you head that you have know idea how it got there and you cant remember where you saw it so it bugs you all day. And for the entire day al you can think about is where you saw it at.
I believe its the process of reversing the phonemes of a word or phrase. and phonemes are sounds.

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