Do you ever eat a chunk of strong cheese before bed just to see what weirdness happens when you dream?

Not yet, but I might try it tonight. My dreams are pretty weird anyway. How was it for you?
have u ever watched paint dry? its really cool!!
funny you should ask that. im just eating cheese at the moment.
no i haven't but i might try.
lol.....nope haven't tried that one yet
Have you ever seen an elephant fly?
Nope, but I have tried it with fresh homemade bread. Works well to, lol..I've done some messed things during the night after eating
a av a toke mate ya get me
so much for me thinking I was the only doing that! lol. YES.
No, and if you want to have strange dreams you know what works better than cheese is nicotine replacement therapy drugs...such as nicotine gum and patches. You will have crazy dreams
Here's the lowdown on dream foods...
no never tried that sorry that is kind of too weird
its not a proven fact,im addicted to it and have never had weird dreams that i can remember from eating the stuff,i personally think its your frame of mind before you go to sleep that causes the weird dreams and if you think about it a lot has to do with the subconcious,what you dont want to become real,becomes real.....?
LOL no, I just eat it bc I like the cheese!
yeah, all the time. mushrooms are good too.
i dont it has some relation with dreams. But i guess frequent farting is one of them, or toilet visits if you have lactose intolerance.
I dont need to eat cheese to see what weirdness happens coz weirdness happens anyway. i dream mad stuff all the time once i dreamt that i was cooking tea bags for dinner then i had adream that the next door neighbour knocked down my fence and put a grave yard up instead arragh I darent eat cheese goodness knows what else i would dream about xx

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