A question on politics?

My dream is to be a politician. I am only 15 years old, but I am in the gifted program, I make all A's and a D or C in math thats my worst subject, and I am quite intelligent. My father is a judge and my mother is a real estate agent, but this is beside the point. I have a passion for politics, and I have talked to my teachers when the subject of politics comes up. Some love what I have to say, and encourage me to get into politics that that'd be the perfect job, but one of my teacers called me a bigot, a homophobe, and said I couldnt go into politics for my ideas are too extreme and I remind her of Rush Limbaugh. For the sake of my future, should I try and be a little less extreme and harsh and avoid voicing my opnions that could hurt others, ect.?

You seem like you would make the perfect politician.
You want to dull down your opinions for the sake of how others view you. It's what politicians do to get votes, and if you want to get elected, thats what you do. If you want to be a good, and honest person you should be honest about your views to the public.
Well, if you harbor extreme views on controversial subjects, then you shouldn't even consider entering politics.

During the course of any campaign, even if it is a small, local election, your views will be opened up to the public.

You need to consider your overall views and opinions, and try to conscientiously decide if you want those views publicized and if you want to attempt to persuade others to consider those views.

Your job as a public servant is to be the common man's agent in the government forums to which you have been elected.

If you have any other reasons for becoming a politician, I suggest that you think long and hard about another profession.

And, Rush Limbaugh is not a politician. He is a radio personality who makes a fortune espousing extreme, conservative views.

Don't use him as your role model.
Have Ron Paul as mentor.
Learn not what to do by studying Bush.

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