A deep one!?

My own mothers response to the way that I have developed as a human being......would be...
"I am so.......... (fill in the blank!)

My mother and I have never been on the same page, and thus never got along. I wasn’t exactly a great child growing up, so I know it wasn’t easy being my parent.

I was in fights on an almost daily basis, had trouble with authority figures, and lost my temper in violent ways. But as I have gotten older, I’ve realized that I was wrong in the deviant behavior I portrayed, and tried to get better. I started to work, I learned a valuable tool called wit, and began to change.

Now as an adult: I have a great job, am getting married to a wonderful woman, have become a decent contributor to society, and for once…I am happy. I spoke to my mother just last week and she told me this….exactly word for word:

“I am so proud of the person you are…and the person you are becoming. You have changed for the better and I am proud to call you my son, my baby boy.”

It was one of the first times I have truly connected with my mother.
i am so simple and cute??
"Proud of you!" In fact, she told me this just a few months before she passed away. One of my most precious memories!
glad u didnt turn out like your brother.
--- sorry I couldn't be with you longer ---

Mom passed in 1994
She was (and still is) my best friend, ever !!
glad that you are a loving/caring son...
My own mothers response to the way that I have developed as a human being she would be proud of me "I am so proud of her"

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