Am I crazy or just odd?

I've always been a little crazy, but I sometimes wonder if I'm actually a little mental sometimes. You see, I feel a litle split mentally, sometimes I'll be in a good mood (if something good happens, if I' having a good time w/ friends, etc.). Other times, I'll be almost a totally different person, it's like a darker side that comes out usually if something bad happens, or even if I'm just bored or alone. When I' in a darker mood, I'm usually more creative (I start thinking of poetry, drawing, etc.), but I'll feel abnormal in a way. Sometimes I feel spiteful towards everyone, angry, sad, and insignificant. I can easily picture myself doing something abslolutely insane, and I feel like having a psychotic episode. I have thoughts of death, sometimes a curiosity as to what lies after life, other times suicidal thoughts. I have sort of an obsessive personality; I enjoy something alot and learn as much as I can about it as I can for a while, until I find something new to focus on...

Based on your description of the two sides of your personality, as well as the incredible amount of detail you provided, my first thought is that you might be bipolar or ADD, which is not in itself a big deal.

What concerns me more is your thoughts about death/suicide. You really need to speak with a professional about that- ask someone you trust to help you find a good counselor or therapist ASAP.

Best wishes to you- you seem like a smart and good person, and I'm sure that you can find the help you need to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
you're crazy if you took the time to write all that!
If you're rich then you can be eccentric.
A hippie.
We're all crazy in our own special way. :-) You don't sound all that bad. Maybe a little A.D.D., a bit of bi-polar type 2 and -perhaps- a smidgeon of autistic tendancies. But most people possess those traits to some degree or another. Try to enjoy it - rage on, feel the universe tremble at your wrath - you can do it, it really can happen - though nobody else is likely to notice the quake, but that's unimportant. Revel in these feelings, they're actually feelings some people -wish- they could have but can't. Take pride in your abnormality - lord knows the last thing we need in this world is another individual who conforms to society's expectations of "normal". "Normal" people are freaks, and are not to be trusted.

Have fun with it, just try not to hurt anybody (or yourself), okay? :-)
Someone once said to me "Crazy people don't question whether or not they are crazy, they just are."

I think it was Batman.
Perhaps you have a mix between Bi-Polar disorder and depression. You never know. I suggest you go to a psycologist or someone. Find a friend you can talk to.
You are not crazy.

We all go through swings just like you do.

Not all of ours are as aggressive as yours are.

Bi-Polar or Manic Depressive. maybe ... I am no shrink but the one thing I know is that you are NOT nuts!

Try making up an excuse to get your Mom to take you to the Dr. Talk to the Dr. and get a referral. Ask the Dr.'s help in addressing the issue with your parents.

Parents go off the deep end about this stuff!
this much of writing shows that you are confused,seriously.Well i don't writing poems and sort of things is weird.
Check your self in to a mental hospital. You should be evaluated as soon as possible. Medication can probably make all the difference in the world. Good Luck.

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