Is this possible?

last night my tv came on,on its own i was downstairs and the only one in the house,when i heard a noise up stairs it was my tv on!im freaked out by it,because i know for def i did not put it on,i hardley use it, then i got my cat in and its running around the house like a bat out of hell,and following me everywhere,sounds funny i know but im freaked about it

Maybe it's possible that the cat was already running around in the middle of the night and stepped on the remote, turning the TV on.
Some TVs can be set to automatically turn on, perhaps you did this by accident.
is it possible that you want to go out on a date with me
tv came on by mistake, the cat was freaked out because you were...there are no such thing as ghosts
My TV usually comes on during bad weather because of faulty wires.
anything is possible you may have turned it on an forgot usually the simplest explanation is the truth although I wouldn't call it paranoid if you made sure that their wasn't anyone else in the house. The TV is a electronic circuit and it will do what ever it was designed to do like anything else electrical. they put everything inside those black square things they put on the circuit boards called Microchips so believe it or not nobody else can tell what its suppose to do
I got the same thing too! I was watching tv at downstairs and I'm sure my parents' room's tv was not on. But after 12 midnight, I went to my bedroom at upstairs and I found the tv switched on with my late father's favourite channel! I called my mum who was still at outside, and she's pretty sure the tv was not on when she went out. So I think my late father switch it on. Ha!

Sometimes I even heard the sound of pulling chair & turning the water tab when I was alone at home. I'm living in a semi-D so it is impossible if the sound came from my neighbour.
Well if you let your cat in Before the TV went on maybe kitty accidently stepped on the remote and it turned on TV.. Or u accidently put timer on..If that is not that then you have a ghost. Maybe you have friends that are playing a practical joke on you..

Good Luck!!
You know, whoever tells you there are no such things as ghosts has the right to their opinion but is discounting the personal and very real experiences of many, many people. If you've been in the house for a long time then chances are you simply forgot, or there is some other rational explanation. But wether we are talking poltergeists or a lapse of short-term memory, whatever "it" is cannot harm you, despite what Hollywood would have you believe.
If it really freaks you out, leave, get some fresh air and then return with a friend for a bit. If nothing else happens, relax. If it hasn't yet, it probably won't.

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