Did I lose?

I walked away from my software engineering job 4 months ago after disagreement with the managers and team members. I started when I was 26 and had been there for 2.5 years. Everyone got on a promotion except myself. So I quit. Don't get me wrong I was extremly good at the job, just not with some people.

I been doing what I want, when I want, how I want for the last 4 months. I have savings so I'm financially good, better than some others. Life is stress free at the moment.

I am sort of regreting the leave, but on the other hand I am glad I don't have to go any more.

I am looking to venture out into other pastures like entertainment or writing industry.

My mamma tells me I was the looser. I shouldn't have walked away and fight for my stance. What do you think?

takes guts to venture into the unknown. i'm on your side. i've always gone from job to job learning what i can and have never regretted it. built my own business. but i will say one thing - there is destiny.
until chances for you to win it are available, then you'll never be a loser
Walking away from any job without something to go to is always a losing way... You say you have enough saved to last a while but if you allow that savings to slowly dwindle you are losing all your efforts in securing a good future.. You said "your mamma?? hmmmmmm tells me either you are living at home or you haven't let go of the apron strings yet.. Either way not good...
So you are asking if you are the loser in this?? I would have to say yes... Gotta remember the choice to leave you out of a promotion was made and to feel you deserved it and quit was kind of silly.. Maybe you should have worked harder to be included in the next one?? Remember one thing.. companies DON'T want a complaining and whining employee.. You did them the favor when you quit, unlike your feelings that you made a stand, you only hurt your resume.. So in all YES YOU LOSE. Good luck with your future but I hope you don't carry this attitude elsewhere.. 2 1/2 years is not classified as a long employment period and only looks like a trouble employee in the eyes of other employers..

OK good you have lived away from home for 10 years, but you made the comment that YOUR MAMMA said... To me that still suggests that you have not let go of the apron strings when you place that in a question that has nothing to do with her opinion.. Sorry if I offended you but from the sounds of your question you feel everyone offends you, and even quit a job over hurt feelings... Come on.. the world isn't always going to go your way and you don't automatically get a free ride on the elite just because you feel you do.. You have to earn your way and to sit and complain that someone did you wrong and then to quit only suggests that you have been a problem and that is probably why you weren't included on the work issue. Sorry but that all has to do with what i said above about employers may not want to hire you because of your complaining and whining.. It follows you and you really should take a hard look at that as no one wants a complainer.. These are the things employers look at as much as your background and qualifications.
Some fights are worth winning... some fights aren't.

Are you someone who usuallly walks away? Is this a pattern of yours? If it IS a pattern, it is worth examing.

If it is NOT a pattern, you may simply be following your life path the way you think it should be. You have some financial safety, then you are merely assessing options and maiking choices.

Could you have done this if you stayed at a job where you felt emotionally at odds?
Working in conditions that are unpleasant and can be avoided as your case is practical and appealing. Historically people don't give a job until they have a new one, but plans in life don't always go as we would like. My concern you is that four months without working and still not getting a job can drain your saving really fast. You may be comfortable now but our economy is so bad that you may find it hard to get a new job that you like...so get working on a new job ASAP, and don't wait. Plus why spend your savings when you are able to work? As far as switching career fields, I would not try this at first. Get a job in your field, moonlight in a new one to get a taste, and if opportunity arise and the pay etc is right then you can switch over. Historically, entrertainment and writing pay next to nothing unless you hit it big and that is statistically not very likely. A lot of writers and entertainment have steady jobs so they don't starve etc.

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