What should i do?

i keep dreaming about raping the teddy bear on the laundry comercials u know on t.v. i dream it every night its starting to freak me out

Psychology as a science doesn't recognise any "meaning" in dreams. During REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) your brain is resting and regenerating for a new day and during this time you dream. We apparently have many dreams everynight, though very few are usually remembered. Because we have so many dreams it is only sensible that there will be times our dreams are similar to actual occurances, but it is only coincidence. If this dream still disturbs you overly, see a doctor about perhaps taking a mild sedative for a couple of nights to see if that changes the pattern.
see a councilor or pshycologist
Well...try not to take your dreams literally. In the psychoanalytical tradition, images in the dreams are SYMBOLS that are laden with meaning...

It's not a bad idea to seek out a dream analysis expert in the area to help you decipher your dream. Or you could read "Inner Work" by Johnson, and try to decipher it yourself.

Questions you might have to ask yourself are:
What meaning does the teddy bear mean to me? What meaning does teddy bears usually mean (archetypal meaning)? What meaning does rape have for me? and so on

Again, things that happen in dreams are not literal. And all aspects of the dream reflects a part of you...(at least in psychoanalytical thought)...So it could very well be that you are the teddy bear that is being raped by you...which could mean that there is a part of yourself that is being abused by the other part...and it's a shameful affair...

That's just a wild stab...Have fun deciphering

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