A question about life?

What is your life like? Where do you live (not specifics) are you married, single? Happy? Are you going to college or working in the real world? What do you do for fun? Work?

Live-Rocky Mountains. Married. Happy-Yes. Work for a non-profit that takes care of the elderly. For fun I road trip. I designed my life. It contains very little drama. It is full of love and peace. I'm not saying I have nothing to deal with. As a human of course I do. I have developed very good coping skills. My husband and I not only love each other but respect one another. We are friends and lovers. I have wonderful friends and family. My co-workers are great. What sucks? The fact they have to remove my deck and dig up part of my yard to fix a pipe.
u crazy
my life is very interesting and fun I'm in GA now but i come from Oregon and Cali I'm single at the moment yes happy I'm getting my BA in psychology i just mess around fix things hang out get stoned every once in a while I help build houses and or do plumbing
i am a high school student .who like reading and my life is just like an egg.which i have to take very care of or else it may crack.i,m single and i enjoy the single life.i know that if the right time comes i shall get married .i am always happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
life -. ..
i live - im my head(i come out occasionally)(hehehehe ;) )
married,single - i suppose u could say single, but...im not planning on getting with anyone here(i have a reason)
happy - i could be[more happy]
college,working - still in school;going to college i suppose
do for fun - hang out, read, art, write a little, watch movies(that r interesting to me)..

(sigh) i don't know; u tell me
my life is crazy, i live in NY, i'm single, i'm happy sometimes-this week i haven't been happy, i am in my second year of college and i am working full-time, for fun i like to read and listen to music and hang out with my bf, friends, and family.

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