First..I don't understand them.Also, did anyone else read the article awhile ago?; a perfectly normal man started to have pedophile urges, he had a brain scan I believe and it turns out he had tumour in his brain (or near it...) when they removed it his urges were gone. And when the urges came a long while after he found out his tumour was back. Why can't they check all predators and pedophiles for this? Shouldn't it be mandatory? do they do any tests on these guys??

An organic cause for pedophilia (such as a tumor) is rare. Usually there is nothing that you could search for in a medical test that would reveal that someone was a pedophile.

Although I haven't been able to locate a citation for this, I understand that many pedophiles were themselves the victims of abuse when they were children.

According to the Wikipedia entry about the subject, research indicates that at least 25% of adult males experience arousal in the presence of children, which suggests that biologically, pedophilia is a strong impulse in much of the population. We could also ask, then, why most men who have such urges don't act on them. It may be that the outrage we feel about the idea of pedophilia is a social response that has developed because pedophilia would be more common if we didn't reject it so energetically.

Also noted in the Wikipedia article: The science of trying to determine who is a risk for abusing children is, so far, very inexact. So far we're not able to administer a test that will identify in advance who will abuse children.
It sure would! I'm all for tests like that, b/c at least that way we can nip the problem in the bud.
However, it would not completely deter these criminals from acting because a lot of the times these people have psychologically twisted mindsets.
However, I am perfectly happy if they spend the rest of their time in jail, getting raped by other inmates, so they can get a taste of their own medicine. I believe that's a real lesson teacher. *Karma* ;)
I too do not understand them, but I know that there are enough of them out there. All one has to do is watch 20-20 on TV and you can see not just how prevalent they are, but also how dumb.

I do know that there has been a lot of research done on this 'problem', and I do not think anyone has come up with any solution.

Unfortunately, the only solution I can see to 'nip this in the bud' is a testicle-ectomy or a penal-ectomy. Both of which are not done near enough.
Sure..and by any other means necessary.including neutering.
What a strange question...and yet I feel compelled to answer it. A brain tumor can have a multitude of side effects. Just because one man started having pedophilic urges after a brain tumor does not mean that all pedofiles have brain tumors. Just like throwing up can mean you ate something poisonous, it could also mean you have the flu.

Upon further investigation I've come up with some interesting answers. In a study where 18 pedophiles brains were compared to heterosexual and homosexual patients some specifics differences were found. There were physical differences in the frontostriatal part of the brain of pedophiles which psychologists think are related to a lack of inhibition, inappropiate urges, and obsessive compulsive disorder. The frontostriatal system is in charge of inhibiting urges which are inappropiate.

But..first they would have to have sought help..for this..or some other mental health issue.

Also, Insurance plays a big part in the Docs decision to do almost everything. Sad.

I feel brain scan should be done...if just to rule out a tumour.

Keep in mind..not all devient behavior..has any reasoning behind it. Some people are simply...excuse the phrase..evil.

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