What are the things you had to learn for yourself?

We've all been through things in our lives that no one ever taught us about. So what I'd like to know is, what are the things you had to learn for yourself, that your teachers, parents and friends didn't teach you. You don't need to go into detail if you don't want to, but I would at least like something general to work with. This is for a research project. thank you.

Independence and how to deal with death.
Ok Tommy, here's one - masturbation.
Just how much experience helps your performance.
Most of life. I know i didn't have someone holding my hand with every step that i take. Everyday I'm learning something new, and on my own. Even as a child you are learning. I guess the two things that I'm proud of is playing the piano and my gourmet cooking. I now play Mozart and cook about any gourmet dish one can throw at me.
how to see in other what you see in yourself but if they are really different avoid at all cost
Things I had to learn for myself:
*how to love myself unconditionally
*that it's your perception of life that defines the quality of it
*not to take anything personally because most of the things that people do to hurt you really have nothing to do with you,
* each person is living in their own little world, our worlds interact but what goes on in a persons mind is beyond the next persons understanding because you are not that person and have not had that persons experiences and no matter how you rationalize and try to figure it out it is impossible
*so the best way to live your life is to respect each and every person individually as you come in contact with them. No judgement no preconcieved notions, just deal with the person and situation in front of you with the most respect and pure intentions that you can.
so far these are the things I have taught myself through trial and error and extensive reading of several different religious texts
how to use the potty from a standing position mum always sat me on it. just cos she did,i taught myself how to misbehave, and how to avoid being caught, i taught myself how to drive the tractor by watching others do it, i taught myself how to cuss,fight, hate and love, shaving was next
then sex or was that before, then how to be a husband & dad i think that was the toughest,then i was a builder i was tought bricklaying as an apprentice and self tought woodwork. wireing , plastering, plumbing,i am self taught on how much jesus loves me, the computer and my web site now i am retired i am learning to grow old gracefully,
A large amount of psychological, neuropsychological, and cosmological
knowledge that is kept out of the books. For example:
1. The universe is static and infinite; the big bang is a religion, not science.
2. The universe's fundamental traits can be discovered via a-priori logic.
3. A person's character is determined mostly by their genes.
4. Political ideals and fundamental beliefs are related to facial expression,
tone of voice, and aesthetic preference.
5. Consciousness ceases at the point of death.
Independence and self sufficiency.
In my case it was more about things I had to accept.One I have a mental illness.It took a long time to come to terms with this and stay in treatment.Another would be that there are a lot of things I can do nothing about.I would want the world one way and I had to accept that it is what it is.I would say I had to learn that I am in control of my "point of view".I can see things as I like,I can decide what's wright and wrong, that I did not have follow or lead.I could simply live my life on my own terms and I could leave the rest behind me.
how to deal with my own financial affairs (budgeting, getting a good deal, searching for a loan, credit, checking and savings, buying a home...anything to do with money)

choosing a career (planning, executing the plan, communication, educating, resume, everything to do with an employer and the job, and everything to do with owning my own business, how to deal with disappointment, and dealing with law).

about having children (everything involved with that, including sex, matters about the opposite sex including negotiating, etc.).

cooking, safety issues, etc.

scheduling my life plan (like setting a plan and following it, the steps to take, how to make a move of residence, how to be in public, how to react in certain situations, how to plan a busy day like with appointments)

and there's more.
The biggest lesson I have learned for myself regards how one's self esteem can be eroded by an others abusive patterns. I know inside I am a good person but on the outside I feel like the person I am told I am by my abuser.
To keep a clear head and take life as it comes.
Suffering the consequences of unintentionally neglecting family, friends, and education for several years.
The thing I had to learn for myself is that no one will or can take care of me like me so from my Mom's lips "if you don't depend on anyone, no one can let you down". God Bless.
How to survive and be happy after my father got killed in a car accident when I was 16 years old. How to let go of bitterness and resentment for the fellow who was drunk driving, when he killed my father and realise, he pays a price in his own mind everyday for the lack of responsibility and respect for others on the road, this is probably worse than a prison cell.
People are unreliable.
You have to see yourself as others see you. You can be taught honesty, but it is up to you to be honest. You can be taught religious beliefs but it is up to you to put your religion to practice. You can be taught many things, but the end result is what you do with the things you are taught
How to keep shower curtain stuck against the wll and keep the floor from getting wet.
What kind of underwear to wear.
When to lose my virginity.
Pads or tampons.
To think for myself and not be a follower.
How to judge if you can trust someone.
How to kiss.
What makes me happy.
Children or not.
How many squaresof toilet paper to use.
How to deal with frustration. This is actually an on-going process because as soon as I overcome one level of frustration, a new level is introduced to me. I interpret this as my challenge to becoming humane.

That college offers you the opportunity to teach yourself how to do what it is you are there to learn. It does NOT teach you how to do anything.

How to internally motivate myself instead of waiting for someone to tell me what they want done. (self-discipline.)
I had to learn from myself my strenghs and weaknesses because no one can tell me what they are. Only I can truly recognize them!!


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