A question.of morality...?

Its simple, but complex. Morality to me is human ethics, a sort of "rules to go by" sheet. Its been around for countless years, since, Rome, since Biblical times, since ever...
Humans have always stuck to it, but in a weird way. Utilizing it only when its comfortable for them, they put morality in the cupboard unless they feel its necessary. Even teenagers do this. Example: most males are known for their perveted attitudes. They let it go unrestricted, that is, until a woman who doesn't like it enters the picture. Stuffing pervetedness into the cupboard, this male would then try to cater to such a woman. Only when he has to. Only when its necessary.
Teenagers enjoy and satiate their sexual desires. No other teenagers really care enough to say thats wrong. So it continues. But theres one thing, one specific law of the land that no man dares to violate: Lying. As soon as someone hears another person lied, its considered just as bad if not worse than cheating! Am I wrong?

Very good question. The system of morality itself is not warped, because it is eternal, and from a perfect source - God. It is the human ability to obey this morality which is warped -- that is sin. Sin is our falling short of this system. People use it when they "feel like it," but, like you said, drop it completely when it doesn't suit them. This does not mean, however, that the moral law has changed. The moral law is spiritual, but it is just as permanent and real as scientific laws, such as gravity, etc.
um? no...ur not wrong...i think..but i'm a teenager and that all just confused my brain...lol
I think you don't know what you are talking about. There are a few flashes of fact but they are fleeting. ~
Right at the start, 'it's simple, but complex'? It's black but white?
THe system of morality is slowly disintegrating along with the government and the laws they make, now it is okay to stick a man with your penis in the butt as long as he consents to it WOW!
Morality is just another way to control the masses, to make them do what is most beneficial at the time by making it seem the right thing to do.
Morality is a mere word today. So many people have little or no honor. I blame it on poor parenting, poor role models no only with parents but with society. You are correct in saying that people mouth morality but use it only when it advances them. It's called hypocrisy and it also has been around since the beginning of time. So has perversion. I can not allow myself to become a hypocrite as it does not feel as though it fits me, however, I have been known in the past to be a hypocrite. I can only try harder to remain honorable. As a weak human that is all I can do.
"Most males are known for their perveted attitudes"?
Where do you get THAT from?
With such a warped premise, the rest of your message became irrelevant.
What's your problem? Any clear question?
So you've been lieing to your mother about your sexual self gratification. It is human nature (I think)?
There are some of us left who have a complete sense of morality that isn't put away when convenient. Lying and cheating are equally bad. Stealing anything is immoral if it is material or ephemeral as stealing innocence or another's honor. Morality was defined by Jesus when he said," Love others as yourself."
I think that because every person was raised differently, every person has their own sense of what is right and wrong, their own sense of morality. But even so, everyone is human, and all humans sin. So even knowing something is wrong isn't necessarily going to stop anyone from doing it. But who can say what is truly right or wrong, when everyone has their own sense of it? That is to say, 'truth is relative.' What is right for me, someone else may find weird, and vice versa. I don't think there is any one complete standard, other than the Bible, and the Bible isn't believed by everyone so it cannot be applied to everyone. As for me, I follow the Bible and I allow my honor to be my guide. I won't do something I will feel guilty about after the fact. The best standard for morals, I think, would be to simply love everyone. If everyone on earth loved everyone else, then there would be no crimes, no war, no terrorism. But seeing as humans will never see eye to eye on everything, there will always be discontent and hate. Lying, I think, is considered more 'wrong' than cheating (although personally I think that's backwards) because when a person lies, it seems as such a betrayal that another person might not believe the liar again. I think cheating and lying go hand-in-hand. In order to cheat, you must lie. And if a person lies about a small thing, who's to say they won't lie about a big thing-- such as cheating? I believe that is why lying is looked upon as harsher than cheating.
Your question seems to be more "how can lying worst than cheating?" If you cheat you lie, but if you lie you don't necessarily cheat, and wouldn't it depend on the lie that was told. the question is too general.

You moved away from the moral issues,because it is immoral to do either of these things.

But morals or not laws, people don't have to live by them. It just makes it a better place if they do. Typically.

Another thing is teenages, who are in the process of learning lifes lessons are not a good use of moral examples..

hope this helps...
Most people get into conflict with morality the moment their inner needs are not satisfied. No one can live without a bit of love... so if that need is in danger for too long, then so called high standards and morality goes right out the window. We still try to be civil, but unheeded needs in whatever form will often result in changing of moral standards. I think the entire world should gain a bit in flexibility and willingness to discuss without murdering each other
Aren't you missing something? It's all a question of Values. What is more desireable, or less so, in life.
Anyone finding something he can no longer live without will put off all other things to attain it.

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