A dream!?!?!?

my girl friend had a dream of her being in some kind of hall way, and i called her to tell her to come outside i'm waiting for her and then while she's searching her way towards exit she sees and meets bunch of her friend which are boys and whom she have not met for a very long time and i was no where near her, and when she ask them to help her find the exit, they lied to her and told her the wrong way.

what does this mean help please!!

perhaps that people are trying to get in the way of your relationship, and her trying to find you shows that she is unwilling to let this happen.
It means you are insecure about the relationship in some way. You may be afraid that someone else will steer her away from you and she will go in the wrong direction. You want her to come with you but you feel that if she doesn't she will go astray and become lost... apart from you. It is a dream of vulnerability. Sometimes it is hard to give your heart to another person, and all of us are afraid to do so. In real life I'm sure she would go with you if that situation actually happened. Don't worry, it's nothing to get paranoid about.
She might be afraid that her freinds are going to lead her away from you. Or she is afraid that her old boyfreinds or freinds that are boys might want to get rid of you and try to take your girlfreind for themselves.

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