Self Awareness?

How is full self awareness attained? Do you have to participate in deep psychoanalysis, or can it be done by oneself, to uncover the genesis of one's own maladaptive idiosyncrasies?

i was born with it. truly.
Learn to Meditate:
Silence is a perfect medium for stimulating self awareness. Learning to meditate, even for a short period each day will automatically increase your own self awareness. Meditation will bring you into the contact with your subconscious mind, and you will start the appreciating the benefits you feel.
Just you have to inhale and exhale deep breaths for meditation.
we should be highly linked with The Creator Allah (our Lord) .
then love yourself ..Respect yourself .
Believe that what u do in life will be in God account .
Why would anyone want to cultivate a way of making themselves self-aware? I can tell you one sure way, which is to think about yourself all the time, put yourself before others, etc. Unfortunately people who are very self aware are not very nice.
I think you can be set on the path to self awareness by interaction with others, by how they perceive you and how that reflects the way you want to be perceived.
This obviously has its beginnings in how you are cultured, socialised your beliefs, values. And your own identification of the self.

When all these factors come into play as you mature, you realise your effect on others their effect on you, how we are all connected or disconnected as the case may be. This ignites your responsibilities to others, mankind, environment etc.

A conflict may ensue as from your life experiences you start to doubt the belief systems you relied on previously.

True self awareness comes from having the bravery to follow your own instincts and progress with your life as you want it not to follow the same pattern of behaviours as everyone else, because you know its right for you and thats where you will find true happiness.

Psychoanalysis may get you to that acceptance level a lot quicker and a lot less painfully. Whatever way works for the individual is good.
Know thyself - the hardest task. However, you are the only person who can achieve it - nobody else can possibly understand every twist and turn of your inner monologue. Distance yourself and watch carefully...
i dont think we can have full awareness...
evolution finds out more about the human condition and it changes.
so we just have what we have now.and we have to make do

acceptance of who we are is probably more important
Don't think you can attain full awareness but you can be aware

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