"My loneliness is killing me."?

Did you remember was the last time you were feeling completely alone?

Right now. I live in Arizona, but my closest friend, and/or family relative lives in New York. I havent seen my Mother in 10 years, or my half sister, or grand mother, or anyone else from that side of my family. Its been a few years since Ive seen my father or anyone from that side of my family as well. I havent even had sex with a woman in 3 years, not because Im ugly, or anything, but because I havent quite grasped the ability of how to be close to someone. And since Ive quit drinking it has taken away the one night stands. All I seem to do is work and go to school. btw Im 25.
Let me think... oh yeah, right now.
But darling I love you; besides, you are NEVER alone.
probably like 3 days ago. it comes and goes.
the dream I had the night after watching cast away
yeah when I say J.Lo and her booty
That is why I am on here at this time of the day
Everyone feels lonely sometimes. It's natural... humans are social creatures. However, there is a big difference between being a lonely person, and being a person who sometimes feels alone. One is an self imposed and unhealthy state of mind, and the other is a part of being human.
i have felt very alone lately too.
If you wish you can talk about it to me msg me or add me as a contact.

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