Do you find intense people emotionally draining?

I think i saw from the previous guy answer and roughly got your meaning.I think generally people who are intense are generally erratic.Erratic in a way because u would not know how they behave.They can be extremely moody at times, sad and hollwing at bad times and be happy and give you a kiss.What are the reasons then for this intensement.It all varies childhood, enviroment . culture genes they say.What is true of one might be different from another.
I do not deny that intense people can be draining especially when u have to comfort them assure them make them feel loved and son on.You have a done a wondeful thing but after u are a human beings and this effects takes place onto you and u become drained.In the end you might be like the other person
I think we have to do what we do best and know our limits so that we do not hurt ourselves.I do think sometimes i am an emotional person and may have a dark side and intense.No i am not Cho whose darkside showed how deadly he was.But at the end i do try to find peace between myself and my father whom he is my only true such i feel protected
yes. my husbands emotions can be so strong sometimes that it leaves me exhausted. if he is having a bad day and i am having a good day.he will start in and say how lucky i am that i get to come home and not worry about anything and than he will go on and list the things he needs to do and the stuff he is stressed out about.

some people just don't know how to simplify their life.
Sometimes people that are emotionally draining have mental disorders.
Yes, especially if we are not in agreement. For instance, I get very tired with fundamentalist rhetoric that ignores reality, but I'm exhilirated by the joy of an intense person.
kinda but since in a very emotional person that would be about anyone that gets me upset in a way. it depends on my mood if i could take stuff like that
it depends, I guess they can be emotionally draining, but from my experience with intense people they are either annoying as hell or very interesting.
for me pushy people are emotionally draining (idk, if it makes sense but i had to say it.)
You come across them in Y/A. & I never know quite what to say but just give my two cents & get out.
People who have intense personalities can be draining to those whose energy functions at a lower vibration. There are some who either knowingly or unknowingly draw energy from those in their immediate environment, and this leaves the other person feeling depleted without sometimes knowing why.

It isn't always easy to "protect" ourselves from hyper personalities, but a very helpful way is visualise a ring of mirrors around yourself, pointing towards the person, and in this way their energy bounces back to them - and away from you. If you are not "into" this type of thing, then it may be necessary to spend only a short time in their company so that you can leave and re-energise yourself again.

It is not only intense people who can drain energy - those who are extremely emotionally "needy" can do the same. It really all depends on your own level of vitality as to how much you are able to "give away" to others before you need a recharge. As we become more aware of the personal space we need, then we are better able to manage those personalities that conflict with our own.
If I can't find a way of channeling their emotions into a more productive area...they DO wear me down.
Im intense and find people who are not a bit draining/dull and usually clash with them.

I suppose they might find me exhausting,though usually people are drawn to fire.I dont like being a voyuer of emotion,always calm or a low key,I quickly feel dead in that state.
Indeed I do...

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