What do you think of life?

I was just wondering what other people thought about life. People other than my friends. :)

well it is about this poor farmer, who had no land and had to work on other peoples land.

he had only one possession of his own in this world - his hand plough, made up of a wooden handle and an iron blade. He lived for free in a small chamber of a farm house owned by somebody else.

one day he thought, "to hell with this earthly life, I am going to live an ascetic life in the forest. He wanted to live in peace and careless and free like an animal, away from all worries of the world.

so he left his plough in his chamber and went to the forest and lived there and found peace of mind. But this lasted for only a few days! the thought of his hand plough was troubling him. Termites might have started on its wooden handle or somebody would have already got his hand on it etc.

he finally couldn’t bear no more and returned back to the farm. after a few months of the same life he again thought about living in the forest and finding peace. so he set out again. but again the thought of his hand plough troubled him and he had to return within a few weeks of living the ascetic life in forest

this thing repeated for 6 more times! every time he had to return to his farm. the 7 th time the poor farmer declared - "I will throw away my only possession and get rid of the problem for good" he decided to throw the hand plough in the near by river and climbed up on a small hillock on the banks. he was quite clever so he decided he would close his eyes when he threw the plough so that he will not be able to come back and retrieve it again even if he wished to.

so he closed his eyes and swung the hand plough around his head three times and with a loud cry, threw it as far in to the river as he could. he was finally happy and laughing and declared "I WON" and started climbing down the hill

but the king of the land was camping on the same hillock, on the way back to his palace. He had been fighting big wars with many of the neighboring kings and had defeated them all and was coming back victorious

he heard the big cry "I WON" and wondered who it must be. so he asked his soldiers to fetch the man. he saw it was only our poor farmer, still with a great smile on his face, like that smile on the face of a tiger who had secretly swallowed the hunter.

the king said in amusement - "Hey man, I have won the big war on my enemies and added a lot of land to my kingdom. I thought I was the one who was the big winner here and the most happy. May I ask you to explain your loud cry "I WON" and the happy smile on your face?

the farmer who was still very happy and smiling told the king, "your majesty, I have conquered myself! and that’s why I cried I WON. I am going to the forest, I want nothing any more and I have nothing to worry about"
Beautiful and magnificent
The way it keeps showing me concepts and forms and colours and shapes in many different things.
If it would be a bit less frightening then it would be the coolest thing
fulfilling, abundant, and full of joy.
It's the most delightful thing that I can imagine. I have a wonderful wife, children and grand children. I have been blessed.
Life is a gift.
Learn to live it.

Live it the correct way and enjoy it while you can.
Am I the only one who thinks it sucks?

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