Has anyone had a close death situation.?

Has anyone seen the light is there such thing as life after death

yes and i saw something but i really carnt remember what. im not that scared of death
One time, I was running down the steps of a moving escalator going downwards. Of course, I tripped and fell BUT THEN---some old lady catched me. I coulda literally see my head smash against the metal steps. My head was so close to it, it was totally freaky. o_<
well when i had open heart surgery in april of 2005 they had to stop my heart so they could work on it ,does that count ? and the operation was about seven(7) hours long ,so they say
all i remember was being pushed into the pre op room then
wakeing up in i.c.u and they told me that they wanted to take the resperator tubes out of me then they let me go back to sleep and when i woke up again i was in a regular hospital room..
Yes, don't remember what happened, it is like a big void of black nothingness in my mind. some of my memory just before hand is also gone.

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