Should i be this crual?

i really plan to play a wicked trick on my mother tonight
should i do it

are you a damaged teen
well the extent of your damage is directly proportional to the
extent of the pain you want to inflict

hurt doesnt get beaten like that
you have to sit her down and talk to her openly

thatll have a better ffect

when she realises you pulled nasty trick on her will that improve matters

family counselling will help
depends what it is...?
You may find yourself locked up in the nut house.... suicide is not something to joke about.
well it depends on what you are plannin to do on her ?!
No that is not the slightest bit funny
i think you need to see a doctor!!
not a good idea with fake suicide note mate theres plenty of other pratical jokes you can play on her without this just aint funny
that is not wicked just wrong, how can you even think that.. pretty sick. what do you plan on accomplishing from this??
that is absolutely NOT funny. don't do something like that to your mother.
Why pretend!
no way!!!!! dont do it!!!!! you should be locked up if you do!!!!!
Ok ... Just before you do, just put yourself in her shoes. Then think if you should or not.
Not clever. Not funny.
i'm sure there are funnier gags than that to play on her. i'd say no, unless you want your mother to have a cardiac or something.
That is a pretty cruel trick.

It is against the law to commit suicide and you could go to jail.
To joke about this is wasting a lot of tax payer money.

You should play a funny trick not a trick that could shock your mother to death.
Absolutely not. Why would you want to scare your mother his way. If you are thinking of things like this it sounds like your probably in need of some counseling. You have some issues and this might just be a Way of acting out to get attention. You need to work on that.
No, stop this ridiculous nonsense and stop being cruel to the English language as well.
Going by your name "kill the muslims" I'm assuming you don't expect a sensible answer.

I have no religious beliefs and have no preference to one way of living to the other but by having your name published as you do, don't expect any serious answers to your questions.
Defo mate, after all she gave you life. and you have wasted it asking dumbo questions.

Grow up.... Do you think your Mother will laugh, or anyone else, including the shrinks

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