A question about bipolar and avoidance during a depressive episode?

My BF is long distance and is diagnosed as very bipolar (he's on meds). he recently went through a traumatic stress (friend tried to commit suicide) and he's gone into a depressive episode. He has been avoiding all of my phone calls and e-mails... except i think he's talking to many new girls on his social networking page. Recently, he sent me an e-mail saying that he doesn't know what's going on and he misses me. He wanted to know if I was seeing someone else. I said I wasn't.. he said he wasn't and he's been very sad... then he started avoiding me again. I don't understand bipolar at all. During a severe depressive state, would someone ignore the people they are close to and have random chats with strangers? I know he's chatting online because I see signs on his page. Please answer only if you understand bipolar... I am too confused already. Thanks. :-)

Maybe it's easier for him to share his feelings with people he doesn't know. I'm not bipolar, but I have been diagnosed with depression. I know when I have been really depressed, I have avoided family and friends because it took too much energy to interact with them, even over the phone. I would feel like I had to act happy around them, so as to not bring them down by talking about my own issues. But online, people don't know you, so you don't have to act a certain way for certain people. There's a large degree anonymity in being online and talking to people...therefore there's not as much need to act a certain way. Good luck with this situation.
I'm a bipolar and it took me a while to adjust to new medication's if he suicidal he might need to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks so they can give him the right medications
tell him to grow a f*ckin pair, it sounds like you need answers to your soap opera, not about a mental disorder
Well, the more he goes into his depressive state, the more he will distance himself from you, and other close ones, but that doesn't mean that he s gonna get closer to other people, that he doesn't know. In fact, he might try to distance himself from them also. So, you shouldn't try to convince him otherwise, but rather act as if nothing serious is happening...that could of help you guys much more. good luck!
I'm srry about what happened. Someone I know had an anxiety attack. They, too, were bipolar. When an episode happens, they are depressed and they start having crazy thoughts. They might be a bit mellowdramatic. One second they're happy, the next they're sad.
Hope this helps.
Well my boyfriend of 2 years is very bi-polar only your lucky because mine doesn't treat his. Back in January he quit his job and couldn't even get out to go to the grocery store to do some shopping without going into a panick attack. I tried and tried to help and to understand and be there but, he couldn't tell me what was wrong. I walked up one day and he was talking with a neighbor about how he felt. He couldn't talk to me but, to someone else I was so confused and hurt I just let it go. Maybe sometimes they need someones point of view that is on the outside looking in so that the opinion is just an opinion. Bi polar disorder is a horrible illness to have and I am sorry it doesn't get better. But, at least he is taking the medicine he needs. I hate to tell you to move on but, maybe you should just look for someone who can appreciate what you have to offer and share your life with someone else.
If he is truly bi-polar and not merely misdiagnosed AND he is your BF (boy friend?) AND he is long distance:
1) you have no idea as to what is really going on with him
2) you can't help/save him ESPECIALLY from a long distance
3) your relationship with him should take a way way WAY back seat to your helping him help himself (if you can)
4) online and long-distance relationships are safe and artificial to someone who may be bipolar and/or manic.

How old are you people? If you are kids (19 and under) which it sounds like, you are way out of your league to help yourselves. If not, I still suggest you both find mental health professionals ASAP and seek intimate, mature and non-electronic relationships.

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