Tell me, what is an addiction to the net to you, in your personal opinion?

If you know of a person who is like this..describe this ..and or whatever you may have gone thru with a person...

also what you might have learned thru another as in say a friend who was dealing with this...
what did they do..did they just stop being on the net..or what?


Addiction is representative of an attitude that we are compulsively compelled to repetitiously engage in an activity. When first I began to access the Internet, the incredible amount of data available to me created an inability to not be on the Internet for hours. I would be on it at least 12-14 hours daily. Sometimes all night, and most of a day. I still have difficulty leaving my computer, but it is becoming easier, and there are times when I get bored with it. This feeling of boredom delighted me. It meant that I was losing my compulsion to be on the Internet. This is a mental addiction. Physical addiction is the result of not being able to control physical urges. Drug induced, sex induced, food induced. Anyway, whatever the provocateur, when you recognize your lack of self control to disengage from any behavior, you are recognizing an addiction.
i think it would be some one who spends all their free time on the computer. and some one who has become anti social - preferring to spend time on the computer with their computer friends to their real life friends and family
To qualify as an addiction, something has to be maladaptive, which means having a negative impact on your life, the opposite of being helpful and good for you. So if you are online so much that you forget to eat or miss work, that's maladaptive, that's an addiction. I've seen people (always men for some reason) get so addicted to online games such as World of Warcraft or Everquest that they neglect their wives, kids, jobs, school. Like any other addiction, there is a root cause of it. Like an alcoholic who drinks to forget painful memories for instance. You have to find the root cause to fix the problem. What is the net junkie getting out of it? What is a more healthy way to get that?
when the net is their only friend by choice
I use to be addicted to the computer. But now i'm not I have a freind that I would say was addicted to the computer. I would describe him like when ever he's at home he will be on the computer the hole time. And when ever he calls me he is always on the computer. And when he talks to me he talks about the computer. That's what I think a web addict is.
When it disrupts your life and mucks up your work and releationships, it's an addiction. I have a brother who is always on the internet. When my parents take away the computer, he has absolutely nothing to do, and becomes very hyper and energetic. What i've learned when i see that is that the computer and the net should never come between you and your life. I look at him just addicted to it, knowing he'll probably get RSI and that he's making his eye sight worse (he has some eye problems), and am so grateful that i'd choose my family, friends, and even school over the net-unlike him.
well, i think it is doing something...anything too much, sorta like a bad habit
It's better than smoking hasch...

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