A Psychological Condition?

Is there such a psychological condition in which you involuntarily "mimic" a person? Such as being extremely close to someone who can't eat much without feeling sick, and then suddenly someone else starts to feel the same way?

For a better example. Eric has problems eating in the sense that after very little food he feels completely sick and can't finish. He meets John and and John looks up to him as a role model. Without purposely trying, John eventually starts to develop the same, if not worse, eating traits like Eric.

It's hard to explain, but I really need to know. Please?

There is a concept termed "mirroring" but generally is limited to the use of the same or quite similar communication including body movements such as gestures and tone of voice. Regarding exhibiting physical symptoms, perhaps it is reflective of the unscientific terms "collective hysteria" or "collective obsessional behavior" (also known popularly as "mas hysteria"). However, these terms primarily involve a group of persons who exhibit symptoms rather than just one person.
Some people do "mimic" others unconsciously.
John could be a sympathetic sympathizer...I have heard of many cases where when the women becomes pregnant, the husband also has the morning sickness.
Just my opinion on your question.thank you for asking.

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