Have you missed the boat or still waiting for a chance in life....?

What's with only two choices here ??
ie -- missed the boat or waiting ??

What about those of us who are sailing at this moment ??
I'm swimming after the aforementioned boat because I misplaced my ticket but I am determined not to end up in an office in 20 years saying "if only."
The good ship "Lottery" keeps passing me by.

I also, haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up. I'm going to ask for suggestions from my six grandchildren.
I have not missed the boat. I am currently in one of the most challenging and exciting periods in my life. Do not feel that you have missed the boat. If you do you give up all hope.
I've missed many a boats, but there's always another one that will be docking soon that I can board.

Yes, I missed the boat when it comes to having children - now I'm too old.

Yes, I am still waiting to have a deep love relationship - I'm not too old for that (as long as I'm breathing).

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