Am I bad? What should I do?

People say I am very sensitive and I cry a lot. Whenever a person says something to me that i did not like, I will react to it in a way I will speak and defend my self and they say it is just a joke why am I upset. I cry when i am hurt physically because my pain tolerance is really poor and I cant help but cry. I also cry when i am upset, and some people just dont understand me. They look at me like I am such a bad person.

Everyone reacts differently. You are just very emotional, not bad.
yes you a very very bad person,
everyone is like this, some people are just more sensitive than others
i would try keeping some kind of journal and pour my thoughts into it and discover my true self.
hope that helped
your not a bad person - sensitive yes but not bad - when someone says something that bothers you think of something that makes you happy, like a comedy show - but not emotionally happy silly laughing happy and literally laugh it off ;) you'll be fine - find your turn off "button" and apply it
get off of y!answers and get help from a phycaritrist to see if you are bipolar or something
You're not bad. Actually, it seems like you are a good person. Besides I promise that letting yourself really feel your emotions is much better than blocking them out.

If it really bothers you a lot, you can try to tune stuff out a little, but only if it really bothers YOU. Ignore everyone else!
r u like a gay
you're not a bad person. Being sensitive doesn't make you bad. you are just an emotional person and people deal with things differenly as you get older i am sure you will learn and react differently to people everyone is different though and you are who you are.
No, you're not a bad person. Maybe you're just more emotional or sensitive than most. If it's causing you alot of grief, look into counseling. There are ways to keep your emotions and behaviour in check, and ways to become a stronger person over time. I used to be the same way. I basically learned to pause and analyze those situations before giving in to an emotional response right off the bat. Good luck to you.
Your not a bad person! I cry easily and am very sensitive. You (and me) show your emotions by crying, others show their anger by yelling and backlashing others. We are all human being, nothing is wrong with you crying if your hurt. Actually I heard that it good to cry and let your pain out--rather than leave it bottled up. So just be yourself and defend yourself if you need to. You have the right to.
no you ain't a bad person just a little over emotional maybe but that's not necessarily a bad thing you just have to learn to channel it in a way so that you don't take offence quite so quickly and let things get to you so much. try and focus on the positive emotions like caring and then everyone will come to see how nice you are.
ur not a bad person u just cry too much
i do understand that crying is natural and stuff but lighten up with jokes, just through some back.pain is more then completely understandable....and just try not to b upset = ]
You are most definitely, positively, 101% undoubtly NOT a bad person!-You are a very warm and loving human being who has a gift in fact. By you're being so sensitive and wearing your heart on your sleeve, you will eventually find in your life a circle of good, caring people. *Caution though: Most people who take advantage of your sensitive nature know what buttons to press to get to you, to try to knock you down, and it is VERY important to try your best always to avoid those type of people and secondly and equally importantly, is to remember that if some callous person "does" catch you off guard, and make you cry, to try your BEST to remember at that very moment (it'll work-it may take a few times, maybe not!-hopefully "not") that you are a FAR more decent human being, who WILL inevitably find yourself in a warm, caring and decent lifestyle situation, surrounded by good caring people, and the people that say hurtful things to you will remain exactly as they are: mean and callous, and will grow old either all alone, or with other wretched people just like themselves!-YOU are a gem!
(I'm curius if you are an avid animal lover?!)
hey-dont worry! You have to be stronger. It sounds nasty but you almost have to become one with the bad things. Generally people do bad things because they are hurt or they have had some trouble too in their lives and they are taking it out on you!! I am only nasty if I am unhappy! So just feel sorry for these people! Forgive them for their stupidity and move on to better things -dont waste time on things or people that arent good for you. Please read that and take it in!

I really dont know how old you are but if your being bullied-do what you can to move away or move school or jobs or wherever the cruel people are. There are nice people around! Plus you may have to pretend your a little stronger than you are and try to laugh it off occasionally. Put your energies into something that will reward you.ignore the bad stuff if you cant do anything about it. I used to be real sensitive but now I really am built of steel, I got bullied when I was a kid but it made me stronger and although its harsh at the time -I kinda needed it?! Now I perform to 1000's of people on stage and I am mad confident!
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.
Instead of crying in front of people-walk away in an angry manner and cry alone. Try not to let people see you cry as they may use it as fuel to bully you as it sounds like they are doing. Hey dont be a victim. Maybe you should tell someone or move schools. This sounds tough but you need to harden up just a little you cant afford to be soft in this life. Try to avoid bad situations. If your in a class with these idiots try and move classes. Please tell me more and I will try and help you. I am sorry you have to go through this. And hey-I cry a lot too.its ok its just a release.but I try and use the energy to make music now! The energy is powerful and you can tap in to it and use it-mad as it seems...sports are very good for relieving tension too. I hope that helps.
I am 27 and I live in the UK..
i would say that u are a sensitive person, as u take what people say to u. a lot of the time to the heart. an you react to it the best way you no how 2. by feeling like you have 2 defend yourself, when some1 makes fun of you or makes you feal out of place. people defend them selves in many ways,some people get Violante and others like yr-self who get upset easily. we as a person have to find the balance between the two as we you are the only ones, who can do so. when something goes wrong. u would assess the problem on how big the problem is. then depending on how big the problem is. depends on how we should react to it in the right way. as we no, whats right and whats wrong, in the choices we make in our own lives. so at the end of the day you are not a bad person its just knowing on how u, yr-self should react and how to deal with the problems that come along in life xx
Get a life mardass
Learn to understand your self and the reasons for why you react the way that you do ~ and with the help of a therapist, see whether you can learn to modify these reactions.

As for being a 'Bad' person! I don't automatically see or consider a person as 'Bad' when it is likely they behave / respond perhaps _inappropriately_ to a situation. 'Negative' would be a preferred word.

As I see it, 'people are only insulted or offended because they choose to be so' - and sometimes even look for reasons to 'defend their whatevers' - simply because they are bloody minded and or are spoiling for a fight.


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