So why do stunning women date and marry ugly guys?

Besides money and fortune, why do stunning women end up with less than handsome guys?

i've been told that i am quite stunning myself but i really don't see it. the reason that i dated guys in the past that were a little less than physically attractive was because of the personality and sense of humor is a must. with out that they would be totally boring. some other women may date for fortune. i have my own money so i don't need a man for that. always look beyond the physical.
Usually because the women are "Gold Diggers", meaning they only marry the man for his money, not his looks or personality.
sometimes they genuinly start out feeling sorry for them, then they fall in love! physical beauty is only skin deep, but people can have beautiful personalities.
its beauty and the beast type scenario!
i too have wondered this question for a while. i do think it might have to do somewhat with the fact that they might be nice or whatever... but i really think that it has to do with the girls low self esteem.
are you talking about ugly personalities or people whose faces or bodies don't conform to your ideal of beauty. Does this question reflect how shallow you really are, or are you actually trying to get some sensible debate?

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