"Fear begins to enter a man's life , the momet he starts loosing close fellowship with god" do you agree ?

Dr. Gilbert L. Little says " when one begins to lose his close contact of fellowship, he usually tries to cover up, seeks his own devices, makes excuses and uses various compensation mechanisms"

Belief in a supernatural force is somewhat compensatory. Yes, including belief in a personal god, here.
where do you get this crap?
atheism is freedom and bliss.
when you dump god, you lose your fear of some being watching over your shoulder.
plus there is no hell to worry about...its great.
i think that is true because if u believe in God u think he can and will protect you.So you don't have to be scared of anything.I think that not believing in anything is jzt a waste of a life cuz if u dont believe in anything den u have no reason for living,wat is ur purpose.but den again im jzt a 14 year old boy
Not at all, I think fear is concern about the unknown result

Have a lovely lovely week
personaly i disagree, it all depends on your definition and perseption of both God and fear.

lets say a country boy grew up without knowing God, and he is happy and safe, how can fear 'begin to enter' if there is no contact to lose, then agian what if he sees his father as 'God'
reason being he gives him shelter, helps him when he strugles, will provide for tomorro, it is easy for the boy to place a lot of faith in his father and if the father is to die, fear would definatly enter.

then i would have to agree, its a sort of yes and no question to me.

plz coment on the following:

1-your question is quoated and is not the same as Dr. littele's quote, you refer to "losing close fellowship with god" (not God) and he refers to "lose his close contact of fellowship" (no mention of god or God)

thank you, its an interesting question!
i will answer yes I AGREE.

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