Can you make yourself forget something traumatic that happened in your life?

and if so how do you remember?

If you are in danger, physically or emotionally, or both, your mind can blank things. For example, children who are victims of abuse in any of the categories will often do this to protect their minds from something their undeveloped psche cannot cope with. Sometimes many years later an event will occur that will trigger the memory and if the persons' subconscious can deal with it it will emerge in full. Don't try to reach for it if this applies to you but if it starts to emerge then get professional help and find a person you can trust to talk with. If you are in a relationship be careful not to expect your partner to do other than offer moral support, if you try and make them your therapist you may well damage the relationship. If the memory wants out you cannot stop it, work with the fact that your subconscious mind knows you better than your conscious mind, there is purpose to the memory and a good reason for its arrival now.
Often, when you had some trauma at a time you didnt know how to handle, like in childhood, you suppress the memory as a protective mechanism. The memory will come back, at times decades later, when you are ready to deal with it. Get some counseling to help you deal with it.
The best way of forgetting is to convince yourself that the traumatic event was not so important after all. There are many things in life that are much more important. Why would anyone remember or be bothered by an insignificant event?

I know that it is possible for humans to suppress memories that are traumatic, especially those that happened in childhood. I don't think humans can make themselves forget it, it just happens because the brain cannot handle the stressors of the situation. I think it is sometimes impossible to remember unless given the proper therapy, usually through verbal communication or unless a person views or experiences something that triggers the memory.
My parents divorced when i was three. It was really hard to deal with. But I'm not just going to forget about it all. I don't think anyone should "forget" experiences in their lives. Good or bad, you just find a way to move on. The bad times are what makes us stronger. So move on, but never forget.
You may not forget it but with a friend to talk to or professional help you could OVERCOME the traumatic event. In my opinion it would be much better to overcome the event instead of just trying to forget it.
It depends on some person nature and attitude towards life. Like someone close to you passed away long time ago but when you come across your friend who is going through it right now probably you will relate to her pain and tragedy better than those who have never experienced it. That is how you forgot and remember !
You should talk to someone, but I don`t believe you can do it yourself. express yourself!
unfortunatley, usually forgive and forget go hand in can't move on with your life is you want to block out something bad that happened it your life. I wish I could too. But when you try to erase something first, you're regressing and not taking in any important life lessons you learned from it (everyhting that happens to u happens for a reason, theres a moral or a leson in it..and when you figure that out you cna move on and up in life) secondly, by forgetting whatever happened you're not dealing with it properly. everything we fear in life, sooner or later we have to confront (the sooner the better.or whenever you're ready) you also have to grieve about what happened (not necesarrily remembering it yourr head over and over again...but sharing it with others and getting it out in the air...this WILL help you get over it) as soon as you confront what happened to you, grieve over it, ACCEPT what happened, I think you will be able to slowly forget about it. (not forget entirely, but put it at rest)
take care
you cant ,ever forget , period, however, in saying that .
what i mean is , you can start to deal with it ,very slowly .
case in point , i was a victim of an armed robbery some 17 years ago. i got hurt ,real bad, mentally .and cut to my head also . but for say 5 years, i just try ed to shut it out of my mind.
it worked short term , till a trigger ,set it off, then i didn't sleep , if i saw someone that look like the robber,i freaked out , however , not everyone ,goesthru this,Ive dealt with , i faced my fear , i move on , one more point ,i can remember this very clearly . but i cant remember .my own cell phone number lol
Suppression of severely unpleasant memories is common, especially if you were too young to deal with them. The best way to remember is through therapy and counseling.

And, for the record, Kolya K's method may work for things like wrecking your car or a bad breakup, but if you were raped or beaten as a child, that is a VERY bad idea.
Not unless you go to a doctor. they can block certain nerves and help you to forget things, but you can't get them back. It would be better to find a way to accept what happened and move on from it. keep your past and present separate. good luck
NO, unless you get dementia and your brain stays in tact those memories will remain. What you can do is only deal with it once a year. Give it a date and deal with it. Someday you'll realize that wasting a day on a bad memory is silly. There are so many beautiful ones.

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