Law Liability, and Ethics questions Please help.?

3. If the basis of a claim is that the defendant’s carelessness caused injury, what type of tort
most likely is involved?
A. Strict liability C. Negligence
B. Intentional D. Fraud

4. If a doctor treats a child who appears to have been abused, which of the following legal or
ethical obligations should determine what the doctor does?
A. Patient-doctor privilege
B. Duty to report
C. It depends upon the wishes of the patient.
D. It depends upon whether the parents are patients, also.

5. If you learn that Doctor Jones filed an “incident report,” which of the following is most likely
the case?
A. There has been a case of child abuse.
B. There has been an instance of health care fraud.
C. A patient has shown symptoms of domestic violence victimization.
D. A patient is unhappy with something the doctor did or failed to do.

3. C
4. B
5. D

These are my best guesses, although I am certain of 4.

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