Am I going beyond human nature?

I know how a lot of the human race is greedy, power hungry and ignorant. Going mostly to basic human nature.
But what I wonder is that have some of us gotten past the bad things of human nature?
Can we really change how our instincts work? Anarchists for example feel like they don;t need any leaders. Have they really gotten past the whole power hungry thing?

Right now, I dont feel the need for money, social status, consumers materials, conflict, etc. Have I gotten past my own basic nature? Could evolution possibly develope "new human instincts" that aren't so destructive?

some of us get to the stage where social status, money and material things just arent important...what is important in your life is what you need to focus...see if you have those things which should really matter at the forefront...if you your little superior dance (at home alone...cause no one wants to show me) and move on with your life...there are some people who never get...and some who always will
When your cold you need warmth.When your hungry you need food.When your ill you need healing.Times this by 6 Billion souls on this planet.Some thing has to make the world go round.No.
well i reckon that there is going to be a crossroads, some humans will take these bad things and embrace them, and some will take a much more vigourous path. i dont have a clue what the future holds but everyone is different and we can change who we are whether we take bad or good, greed or selflessness.
You are not going beyond it, you have understood (the current nature of) it, and now you have the choice to escape its tentacles. Our minds will evolve in time, favouring what is the most beneficial behaviour for survival. Today, in this complex man-made world, cooperative instincts need to replace the competitive (greedy, materialistic, egotistical) ones that we have still got ingrained in us from our jungle days.
Yes we have instincts for power, sex, food etc but we also have a bigger brain than any other mammal on earth. We have reasoning and the power to question things.

I think you are using your brain more, people often lose interest in material goods as they get older as they realise they are human beings and need more than the basic staples. As human beings we don't want to just survive, we want to be happy and it sounds as though this is what you desire right now.

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