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Today my mom took me to a child psychologist because she is very convinced that I have adhd or add. So, after like a 1/2 hour, we visit the psycholgist and I was really nervous because I mean seriously, would you feel comfortable pouring your life out to a complete stranger in front of your mom? So, yeah, I couldn't make eye contact with her at all because the more I looked at her, the more nervous and uncomfortable I got. On top of that, here's good ol mom comletely over exaggerating the fact that I've broken things (yeah, so I accidently broke a window playing baseball, who HASN'T?). Lets not forget that along with me being really nervous, my mom trying to pin insanity on me, the psycholgist was sitting there only listening to my mom even though I was backing up everything she over-exaggerated with the flipping TRUTH. I don't know if I'm just going in denial or I really am normal, it doesn't really matter either way I'm not taking any flipping pills. >:(

Hi qtpie. You sound quite sane and very rational. Print out what you wrote here, and anything additional you want to add, and take it to the child psychologist. You have the right to be heard - especially by YOUR therapist. In fact, ask to speak with the therapist alone - without your mother in the room.

Lastly, you are right on about not taking any pills. If the therapist recommends them, ask him/her to determine the CAUSE of your 'problem' and to treat the cause, rather than using dangerous drugs to hide the symptoms.

Best wishes and good luck.
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First take a breath. Ask to be with the psychologist alone if she makes you nervous. Then open up as much as you can. I personally don't believe that everyone on earth has add like doctors tend to think. You are young enough to where this stuff shouldn't matter right now, go have fun.

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