If someone killed your mum-would you actually kill the killer?

seriously... if you saw it happening? would you? If the killer had no weapon on him but you did! Come on people..

No, but I would hurt him rather badly.
Yep..without hesitation!
Yes I would've..
yes...without hesitation
Yes, but very slowly. The killer would feel the pain of a thousands deaths and beg for mercy many times before the final strike.
And his mother. but if he was killing the mother in law then I would hold his coat for him.
No way dude, i'd be loaded.
Just hope the killer doesn't steal the Merc.
I would beat the HELL out of him but..

Thou shalt not kill.

paz e amor
Yes I would attack.
I beat him so fuc.king close to death he wouldn't look human anymore.
I hope you truly did not witness such a terrible event. If I could prevent a murder with violence, yes, I would use violence, preferably not to death, though. But, revenge is no good.
I'd give him as much pain as I can inflict on some other person. Beat him to death, pretty surely.
if I was there

seeing it happening, I think I would prevent it

I would bash him over the head with something, then tie him up and call the cops. If he started waking up or showing signs of life, I would bash him on the head again. WIth a bat or whatever.
He would be a bit late, though. My Mum died 12th June 1975.
yeah for real !
My poor mummy is already dead from cancer, i wouldn't kill the killer as two wrongs don't make a right.
I would really want to but it wont bring her back. and I have my own daughter to take care of - she needs a mother...ther for her and not in prison...
but I would beat him up so badly that he wont recognize himself ever again without surgery.
self defense if condemned for it.
no one touches my mother or child.

and why would he kill my mum first of all ?without a weapon?
if i could yes
without remorse.
i wouldnt use a weapon though regardless if he had one or not.
i'd have to break every bone one by one first
Yes no doubt.
I would not. Yes, I would feel like doing it but it would mean I am the same as the murderer and I would not allow myself to go down to his level. I would make sure the Police catch hime and he goes down for life. He would get hassle in jail and when he dies he would get sent down to Hell to suffer eternally.
Well, this one is easy for me, see...my motto has always been "shoot first, then ask questions"-However, in this heinous scenario you've created, I'd "shoot first, umm then shoot again"!!

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