Is preaching to the choir good practice for preaching to the masses?

start easy... too easy?

the message. focus on the message.

Practice makes perfect. I think people who make speeches are told to practice in front of a mirror. Preaching to the choir is much the same thing. You might preach to yourself, you might preach to the choir but you’re preaching to the already converted. Is it good practice for preaching to the masses or is it a sign of languor to preach to those who already believe what you’re telling them? It certainly won’t take as much effort or energy. The preacher isn’t going to find himself at odds with the choir; he isn’t likely to meet resistance or hostility. Yes it will be easy … too easy to rehearse in this way. If the preacher must preach and wants to practice he should get out and find new members! (figuratively speaking of course. It’s not that I agree with people preaching to others).
Hi Patzky99,
I will admit that sometimes I do find it hard to practice.. what I preach... I know that I am far from prefect... (Of course, if you tell anyone that I admitted this, I will deny it. ;-))
I still try to preach what I think is right, though.. because, I hope that I can prevent others.. from make the same mistakes that I have.
I would only see this as hypocritical, if the person doing the preaching.. took a holier than thou attitude fulling knowing that they weren't.
The fact of the matter is : that none of us are perfect... So, if none of us told others not to make the same mistakes that we have made, then each generation would have personally from those mistakes, rather than learning from others. start easy.. :D
Thanks, for the question! :)

My regards!

Take care!
Preaching to anyone about anything is usually a fruitless pursuit.

Instead, we should teach by example and cajole people into thinking a certain way instead of insisting that they should or arbitrarily imposing our views on them.

We should try to educate and lead by example, not preach.
I suppose it's a bit like pre-school. It's easy to go into a room full of people who agree with you and tell them what you know they'll want to hear. It's much harder to tell people something they don't want to hear yet need to hear. Preaching to the opposition is a lot more difficult, but I would imagine it would help you to sharpen your arguing skills and strengthen your argument far more than preaching to the choir would.

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